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    Steve Irwin Has Died

    You do realise of course that the phrase "knocking on death's door" refers more commonly to terminal illness? Exactly how was Steve Irwin "knocking on death's door"? Did he have cancer or something the whole world doesn't know about? You kiddo are a ****. Steve Irwin didn't deserve to...
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    Idiots :roll: I had something similar happen to me on Tuesday. Some kids arsing about on the foot crossing north or Arlesey... They moved out of the way in time, but luckily for them there was nothing coming on the other lines.
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    What is this?!

    Yup, what Slash said.
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    Metro Centre Tractors

    Nice shot mate :) I saw this sat at King Edward Bridge Junction as I left Newcastle with 1E14 (ABD - KGX HST).
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    I'm glad I don't work that line... :shock: :lol:
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    Photographing in London Terminii

    Probably. But I'm sure any reasonable DM wouldn't be too bothered so long as you weren't messing about, they do have other things to be doing after all.
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    I'll bear that in mind :lol: Feel free to add me if you wish.
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    Anyone else here use MSN? I've just added my address to my profile.
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    Bowes Park Idiot...

    Quite a few examples of idiots here, a few candidates for the Darwin awards :D Can't say I've ever seen anyone smoking at Kings Cross underground myself.
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    Bowes Park Idiot...

    Well technically he was "On or near the line", any closer and he would have been on the four foot though :? For those who are interested, the terms are given in this document along with some nice diagrams (pages 8 to 11):
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    Bowes Park Idiot...

    I don't think he knew about my train being diverted, it was a very spur of the moment decision. I only found out 5 minutes before departing KGX. It's more likely that he was hanging about trying to see something use the reversing siding or something, then saw my train and got a bit excited...
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    Bowes Park Idiot...

    This morning I was working 1S09 0900 KGX - GLC. Due to a broken down WAGN unit near Welwyn this service and a couple of others were diverted via the Hertford loop. As I approached Bowes Park some complete tit who didn't look much older than his mid-teens was standing at the bottom of the...
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    185102 out and about

    These times were posted to North East Gen for Thursday: 3N71 0803 York-Darlo 3N72 0935 Darlo-York 3N73 1015 York-Darlo 3N74 1118 Darlo-York 5N74 1205 York-LG I passed it at Darlington on my way up to Newcastle. Not sure if it's running next week or not though.
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    Here's info on GNER's Wi-Finservice: I use it quite a lot. Speed depends on a lot of things, but it's usually faster than dial up.
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    Stevenage to Newcastle & back Not as easy as it sounds!

    Delays were caused by a number of signal and crossing failures on the Tyneside and Morpeth signal box boundary (Stannington area). Eventually temporary block working and hand signalling was put in place. 1E19 14:00 GLC - KGX (your 16:29 from NCL) was the first train to get caught up was...