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    Sat Nav Disadvantages

    I have a TomTom as well, and it's brilliant for some things, and average for others. Where it is very good is driving point to point to somewhere you haven't been before. It is also very good for getting you to points inside cities, where there may be a rapid series of turns during which you...
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    David Cameron

    There IS a points system for getting into the UK - I am a foreigner and it's how I managed to come here. It's quite expensive and a long tedious process to go through to get entry. However, as far as your point goes, it is only one of many ways that people are able to come to the UK. And of...
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    Go Team Kiwi Racing! :thumbup:
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    Rail Staff Reject Online Tickets

    Glad they've already sent me my tickets for my upcoming trip to York then! Guess GNER are looking to save money wherever they can these days...
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    Dirty Bomber

    If he had managed to detonate a bomb in a tube line underneath the Thames, and the tunnel had fractured, wouldn't that have flooded the entire underground system where it is below water level? Imagine the carnage and chaos that would have caused! :-x
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    Tony, tony, tony!!

    Excellent! There's a similar one of George Bush doing U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday',
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    train crew

    Trying to nick all FCC's customers? :razz: I keep getting brochures in the mail from 'One' advertising their services to London. Unfortunately for them, I'm not likely to use them as the Cambridge-King's Cross line runs right through here and is well served by FCC. I would have to go well...
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    Geography Lessons

    Czechoslovakia isn't a country ;) OK, enough pedantism :-P
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    Bus 1, Car 0

    There certainly are, and apparently they have a history of (in their early days at least) of rising up under legitimate vehicles!
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    The V8 series?

    I watched it ... but that's mainly because I've been watching it for years as I am originally from that part of the world (New Zealand). It's an institution in the Southern Hemisphere... Nice to see Lowndes win - I've always been a fan of his. They actually use 5.0 litre V8s in the race...
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    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    I read the report on Ufton Nervet, and I believe it said that the cause of the fatality to the driver was ballast and gravel entering the drivers cab. Also at least one of the fatalities in the coaches was caused by the passenger being ejected through one of the windows, then having the coach...
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    TV presenter critical after crash

    Clarkson's latest column in the Sunday Times:,,2087-2372412_1,00.html
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    New job... with a bonus

    Hah my desk at work looks right out over the ECML at Stevenage - my office building is right next to the line. Great for watching trains, but I don't think my workmates appreciate it all that much as the building shakes and the noise permeates the office quite easily when the GNER sets go past...
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    Car Crash on Station Platform

    :shock: That's here!
  15. A v Google Earth

    You don't have to download Google Earth to use the Google mapping service. You can just go to and switch to Satellite view...