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  • Hi Andrew how are you? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’m currently applying for a customer liaison vacancy in Manchester. I passed the English and Maths tests about 2 months ago when I applied for a vacancy previously but didn’t get invited to interview the tests would they only invite the highest scorers to interview at the sift even thought I’d meet the required standard. Many thanks
    hello andrew its for a train cleaning job , night shifts in darlingtion any help would be much appropriated

    Sorry for not replying this is the first time I've logged in for about 40 years.
    Just read that you are starting training on 4th of Aug so congrats.

    Hi mate, dont know if you can shed any light on the medical side of things? I know mine is probably months away but worried i might fail at this stage! What does it entail and are they normally easy to pass?
    Hi Andrew, think i can message you now. I am currently just going through the practice material they have sent me, not feeling to confident if im honest, however all i can do is practice. I really want this job so any tips would be welcomed.
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