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  • congratulations mate! you must be over the moon. i havnt heard anything yet mate. i emailed them just now as i was told to contact them if i havnt heard anything by today. fingers are thoroughly crossed!!!
    yea I guess just need to concentrate it helped that the guy to my left pressed his about a second and the guy to my right half a second before me as you start the tests yourself so not all in sync lol I made 2 mistakes I knew of not because I thought it changed but I accidentally leant on the button if you like lol
    Nice one, I must be on the very last first assesment of 1404. Cant wait to get it done.
    What was the interview like?
    Hi mate thanks passed the computer stuff and I will hear by end of week they said about wct and mmi result
    no they gave us a map and a letter with date on she did say if couldn't make it then e mail but could not guarantee a new date and I am not putting this off for anything lol
    Hi mate I definately thought group bourdon was easier not much bigger was a tiny bit and much clearer I just went for it and hoped I was quick enough and to echo what people say mate its accuracy too. The cull is murder mate after the group bourdon and glop and we did the 3rd test we got told to be back in 2 hours as thats how long it took for them to mark them and on the 3rd test I roughly answered half the questions and especially as I then found out gtr use enhanced and not national standard I thought 50 % im outta here and they were calling people in by name one gone next gone then exactly half were left she came out smiling and said ok gents (no women on our day) you all passed 11 left outta 22 then two more tests and the time mate goes quick on the actual tests then marking and waiting for 40 minutes we all got through
    Thats great info mate, just what i thought from reading other posts. Was there no WCT test?
    Was GBT any different in size from the print off?
    Thanks for giving me feedback fella.
    Wow nice one.
    Was the dial test and dfft a lot different from the practise? I have read they are slightly more involved. Did you have to do the report writing with the story board?
    I didn't realise it was in two days, I thought they did all the tests in one day then the interviews.
    Sorry for all the questions, I can't wait until my assessment.
    Well done
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