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    Has anyone worked as an operations officer at TFL

    This is not a police job, it is basically a 'Revenue and Loss Prevention' role but with a Gucci name. "Tickets please, tickets please!"
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    GB Railfreight - Trainee Train Manager - Plumstead

    Yes it’s not 100% clear on the role is it. It also mentions about being an Operator also.
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    GB Railfreight - Trainee Train Manager - Plumstead Just found this opportunity with GBRF, vacancy opened this morning. Sadly it’s out of my 60 minute travel time range, but good luck to all that apply.
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    Rail operator GB freight

    Would a Rail Operator aka Shunter, receive the same level of training as a usual mainline driver? Does the training make them a fully qualified driver? TIA.
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    Is it worth it??

    Having followed this thread, I too have wondered about how a job on freight pays, thank you Chad for putting it in a more positive light. What other train freight companies are out there other than Freightliner (South East)?
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    Medical standards

    Once again, thanks for all of your advice and remarks, cheers for the link robert7111a, makes it a lot clearer.
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    Medical standards

    That is a relief to hear. Comments noted, thank you.
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    Medical standards

    Thank you to all for their input and experiences of the various standards. Certainly now that diabetes is becoming more and more common, because of peoples varying work/life habits, it is treated very much as a disability now, so any employers have to be careful on how they 'manage' this with...
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    Medical standards

    Good evening All, I am new to the group and are researching all possible avenues with regards to acceptance standards for when applying for a Trainee Train Driver role. I have had a lengthy read through the varying posts over recent months from different group members in an effort to try and...