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  • Heya, im okay thanks, you? You can still have the times if you wish, my timetable notice has the ECS times and passing point times too. Yeah I'll have my name badge on, come and say hi if you're about
    Have you got the gen on the TRT workings this week, and the 72ts movement next Monday?
    You are developing some very interesting tastes in your music! The films I refered to were broadcast around the Abbey Road 40th broadcast too.
    I've always liked the Beatles they are music legends but lately i've started to listen to them more same with Micheal Jackson i only appreciated him after him died. Anyway i like all types of music. And no i didn't watch the series of films but heard alot of their stuff during the 40th anniversary of Abbey Road recently.
    Re: The Beatles. Wouldn't have thought you were old enough to appreciate their music. Did you see the series of films about them on TV acouple of weeks ago?
    Went both days. Mate of mine got into a row with c2c station staff at Upminster when he tried to fot Sarah Siddons, he vidded it and put it on youtube. Cause such a stink, he got a free cab-ride in Sarah back to Ruislip depot after the open days, as an apology from LU
    Hi Chris,

    can you contact me by email about one of your recent posts? I have some information which may interest you.
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