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  • Thank you for the diagrams. I have a question regarding the diagrams you posted for Mon 28/11/2016 onwards and for Mon 12/12/2016 onwards. Are they for Mon-Fri or Mon-Sat ?.

    I am sure the answer used to be fairly obvious but my searching has not found the answer under my nose this time :oops:.
    Hi, not sure whether this comment in post #4033:

    "How is one train supposed to fix a problem that is costing £6.5bn? Its not. The idea is having just 700s means people can board trains. Currently there is 3x 12 cars in peak flow on the MML, in December 2018 it'll be 8 to/from Bedford. That's a massive difference without counting for the other 12 cars that will run to Luton (under the current Luton to Rainham proposals)

    As for your example of people not being able to get on the first train, its better than waiting three + trains as been posted before."

    was a comment to my quoted post as I was generally agreeing about the 700s being fit for purpose. The new trains need to maximise the effectiveness of the £6.5bn investment (including the trains themselves).
    Do you think that southeastern should give their 375/6 fleet to Thameslink to use their dual voltage properties and they are constantly using their DC shoes all the time ?
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