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  • Hi Dave, hope you are well.

    From reading what others have posted on this forum, I was wondering if you would have the time to briefly discuss a fare evasion charge with me?

    It would be much appreciated if so - please let me know if you are able to help and I'll send you the details.

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Dave can you please contact me I need help with an offence. Thank you
    Hi Dave,
    It seems like you've helped with many similar cases already and I really need your help please.
    I received a letter from Greater Anglia saying:
    On x date at x station a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of rail staff about the payment of a rail fare. All the available evidence is being considered as to whether legal proceedings are appropriate. If you consider that there are further mitigating factors that may influence any decision that may be made about this matter you are invited to respond, within 14 days of the date of this letter. If you wish to make any comments about the incident, please do so on the reverse of this letter. Please ensure that All details below are completed and returned to ensure our records are up to date.''

    Can you please advise on the best way to proceed? Should I respond?
    How do I mitigate the case?

    Hi Dave I'm a newbie prompted to share by frustration at losing a small claims case. I'd be grateful for your input to my post this morning in the Disputes section. It'd be really interesting to know of any similar cases to mine and their outcome or a history of ticket machine failure.
    Hi Dave, looks like we upset Yorkie again, but he hadn't got the bottle to answer your question. I see the thread has gone though. He'll never learn. Best wishes, John
    Things that I am not sure whether to mention or not:
    A. repeat what happened
    B. mention my situation to get sympathy, i.e concern lost of work, my visa status
    C. offer an exact amount even greater than you have mentioned to get option to settle
    D. mention that the letter is only for settlement purpose only
    E anything else

    I fully appreciate that you are not a lawyer, but still I would appreciate some suggestions on the letter content. (I am planning to send it on first thing Tuesday morning due to the Mon bank holiday.)

    By the way, what is the likely outcome based on your experiences? Summon or settle? Should I be consulting a solicitor at this stage? Thanks
    I am planning to draft a letter back to Southeastern: first, to apologise the incident and their time wasted in dealing with the incident; second, I shall mention that I have immediately upgraded my Oyster travel card to cover zone 1 to 4 and state my Oyster number although they probably dont care (I had to cancel my previous zone 1 to 2 annual pass as it worked out cheaper to do it this way); third, I plan to mention the fact that I hope to settle with the Company out of court plus any admin costs to date. I will add my contact details again on the letter, i.e. mobile number and email address, though I doubt they will contact me this way and I could not find their contact number anywhere on either the letter I received or their website.
    ( continue with another message)
    Hi Dave, how you are well. I have been PM najaB about my situation who advised that you have more experiences in the similar cases: without all the excuses, I have travelled in london with zone 1-2 travel card but for zone 1-4 for probably 3-4 months. Bumped into the inspector early last month and now received letter from Southeastern for my personal details. On the letter, it mentioned "provisionally authorised for prosecution". I am intending to reply the letter in writing but apologising and offer the settlement out of court. Other facts are 1) I sometimes did touch in and out. 2)within the 3-4 months period, I had 15 days on annual leave (reduced travel) and 1 month on business travel 3)I travel twice a day from Mon-Fri. I can't stress enough how regret I feel at the moment. I do hope I can manage to settle with the company out of court with your advise if possible. (continue to another message)
    Hello there,

    Can you please have a look on my settlement letter and let me know is this the right way to approach for settlement. i admitted all my guilty..if i admit guilty now is there any option in later on to plead not gulity on the summon...is there any harm by sending out certain amount of cheques(£400) ...what would be the reasonable amount,,,what would be the best way to contact them email,phonecall,fax or a letter with the cheque of my proposed amount £380 for administrative cost and £20...what the cheque will payable to Govia Thameslink Railway? help will be wonderful...thanks a lot
    Dear Dave,

    I'd appreciate your advice about a summons my daughter has just received. Can we arrange to have a chat privately?

    I am new to the forum and don't know how to arrange that.

    Hi Dave
    I traveled without a ticket and was caught by fare inspector of FGW. During my conversation with him I was told to tell truth and be honest so that he can help me. I also asked him that I am ready to pay the fine. However I received a letter from their prosecution team about intention of prosecution and taking me to magistrate court. The offense was listed as not traveling with valid ticket. They have asked me to respond back with honest and facts within 21 days. Need your help please as I am so tensed and scared. I need to write to them apologizing for my mistake and telling them that I had full intention of buying ticket. I was running late as my wife was waiting for me, she is pregnant, and was not very well due to which I had to rush and could not afford missing the train. Due to that tension I forgot to buy the ticket. However I do realize my mistake.
    Is there any way an out of court settlement can be done between me and FGW. Can you please advice me what to write to them.
    Hi Dave, really need your advice regarding this Northern Rail letter & my particular situation! Please could I PM you? I'm new here, so not entirely sure how to do so.
    Hi dave
    i really need your help.I was travelling from sandhurst to reading and i lost my ticket on my way back.i had another valid ticket from reading to wokingham. when i reached wokingham i realized i did not have the ticket from wokingham to sandhurt.I went and knocked at the TT door.In the mean time the revenue gentleman asked for my ticket.He noted all stements.I said i am willling to pay the fine.he just noted everything and said i will receive a letter.its only now after i read this forum.I realize it is a serious problem.On reaching home i found my ticekt to.Do u think i should write to them today itsself? I do have my valid ticket
    I cant see how the hell you post on the forums here. Am I dumb? I am being threatened with magistrates prosecution by debt collection firm. Is this a criminal or civil matter?
    I did not try to evade paying, the ticket office had a note saying pay at destination. This wasnt checked when I was issued with a penalty. However my appeal was received late after the 21 day period. Watcha think? Does the fact I had no choice but not to pay outweigh deadline?
    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to ask your advice on this quickly. I didn't purchase a ticket prior to travelling, intending to get one on the train as I often do. The service was busy and the guard did not reach me before I got off. I then went in to 'auto pilot' and exited the station through the car park as this is the quickest way to my house, without purchasing a ticket, when I was stopped and gave my details to a member of staff from Northern rail. I am due to respond to their letter I received today & am keen that it does not go to court, so wondered if you would have any advice?

    Many thanks, TopCat
    Hello.. Can I ask you for a little help, please. Can you review my post...
    http://www.railforums.co.uk/showthread.php?p=1065100#post1065100 My friend got a letter from Greater Anglia prosecution unit, asking him to confirm whether he is a person reported, provide his personal details, NI, ....
    ’’ you were questioned by a member of rail staff about the payment of a rail fare on xx date. Before I proceed further with the investigation of this matter, I would like to give you the opportunity of responding with your explanation concerning this incident. Please complete the bottom section of this letter and if you wish to make any comments about the incident, please do so on the reverse of this letter’’.
    What he should do? Send his details, NI within 14 days, give them some explanations or something?
    I am still waiting to get my letter...

    Thank you for any advice..
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