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    BBC One Rebrand

    Nah doubt it mate, Considering the dancers have been on our screens for 4 years. Yes the biker ident could be used for red nose day!
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    Best photo this month

    Nice Craig,,,,,, And not too a bad shot neither jordy! Mines would have to be...
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    Year 11's and non schoolers

    I would strongly suggest a Daytripper ticket for the strathclyde area? Just a thought
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    BBC One Rebrand

    BBC 2 is being revamped an idea is in the process, so we could get a new look from bbc 2 soon.
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    BBC One Rebrand

    Yes BBC ONE Has a new look and it will start next Saturday 7th October 2006. Thank god finally they have ditched the dancers not before time. The new idents are based on a " Magic Circle " Theme and look quite smart and impressive. I'll leave it up to you to see your comments on it. All...
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    Year 11's and non schoolers

    Laughs whats wrong with that, and nothing to do with you who i invite or what i do, totally off subject. Yep Mr Jordan i know you have been to other meets, it will be intresting to meet you since you class me as a peadofile. Am sure people who have met me will strongly disagree one who...
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    Year 11's and non schoolers

    Thats if your mum and dad lets you
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    Year 11's and non schoolers

    Yes i would come as well and certainly assist with anything i can be of help with. My MSN Address is via my profile
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    Rails Of The North

    Yep they where testing the overhead lines all day and they came down to the newest spt line Larkhall,
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    Rails Of The North Comments welcomed my new fotopic site with photos to be taken around the SPT Area
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    Steve Irwin - messages of condolence

    RIP Steve Great Man, Great Guy
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    Greater Glasgow Bve - The Return?

    Hi guys long time no write, Hope everyone is keeping fine and dandy. Just a little up 2 date information to give you that i will be returning to the BVE Scene and working on my route Dalmuir - Springyway. Semi-Fictional, Based in the SPT Area. Once i get to work on a website i will post more...
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    West Highland 37s - THE END?

    Well i dont quite go London although done the 37 one or twice before to Edinburgh and got it back. At the end the day i'd still love to see a 37 on it. But would still go on it regardless of what was put on
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    [0S] GBRF Mail Gen

    Might take a trip to Shieldmuir an take a few photos!