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    67 on Fort William Beds?

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    4M74 today

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    What other games do you play?

    I play OGame and The Godfather
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    Ouch! Warning to birds.

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    Install Windows Updates, Immediately!

    No F***ing US "Homeland Security" will tell me what to do bugger off and Secure the US.
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    Terror Attack 'Foiled'

    And they will get away with that due to their friends the US...
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    Terror Attack 'Foiled'

    What rightfull owner, "that's our old land that we had 1000 years ago, let's go there", we had Bosnia less than 200 years ago bu that doesn't allow us to go there and terrorise other people there. So the Palestinian people will have to GO... Why Serbs didn't had to go after their made up...
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    Yet another desktop thread

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    Simsig scores Ask for a bigger picture if you need proof; 97% no ARS, peak time...
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    Mon-Fri AK201 5K02 05+23 Ardwick T.M.D. Manchester Piccadilly 1K02 06:21 Manchester Piccadilly Hull 1K07 08:39 Hull Manchester Piccadilly 1K10 10:42 Manchester Piccadilly...
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    Bad P-Way

    Nah, a driver took it in the suburbs of the capital... Our railways are safe, but because what, they lower the linespeed with every new TT, back arround 15 years it was 140 km/h there...
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    Bad P-Way

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    Flashing amber

    They aren't.
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    Flashing amber

    The choice (Flashing-Approach control) depends on various things...
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    Enfield Town > Liverpool Street Stock?

    Both 315's and 317's run to Enfield