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    Spot the deliberate mistakes!

    the model is in fact made by DJH, so yes, its is indeed a rip off. It also hopes the people buying it have the ability to solder an etched kit up without making a mess of it, and that they can apply a really good rendition of Doncaster green straight off. I doubt it very much somehow...
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    Rail Simulator Problem (Vista)

    Message on behalf of 960012 "But they are, we checked them!!!"
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    "Nottingham, HST's , Asian's and a 'bomb scare'"

    you have made some very fair and valid points and I thank you for that. Just to clear up the whole rastafarian thing, I was merely describing the bloke, definitely not suggesting that rastas are terrorists (the few I've actually met are cool!) I guess we all have that nagging fear about the...
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    "Nottingham, HST's , Asian's and a 'bomb scare'"

    He most probably wasn't and I didn't stare at him, thats the thing that gets me! Being human I do possess full 180 degree peripheral vison you know, I don't wear blinkers. I don't believe a social threat now comes from Northern Ireland, those days are gone fortunately :? I detest racism...
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    Funny Railway Stories

    good job he did too!
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    What's your Favorite Tipple?

    tea magners
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    "Nottingham, HST's , Asian's and a 'bomb scare'"

    god thats terrible! I wonder what the hell kept beeping :? I had a bit of a paranoid incident last year. Got on a train at Chertsey and sat down, looked to my left and there was this Asian bloke sitting across the aisle who had the most sinister and guilty expression I have ever come...
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    Funny Railway Stories

    I'd definitely get fired if I was in that situation and responded in the short tempered Kettlefan way!
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    Model 442

    I've seen some awful EMU models in 4mm scale go for 250 minimum. you could probably get 350/400 tops. After all, people on ebay do like to go nuts!
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    Funny Railway Stories

    got on a train at Waterloo. It was a un-refurbed 455 and I sat down to wait for departure. I then noticed a young Chinese girl who looked like a uni student get on. I have no idea what fashion she was following but she had a padded baked bean tin on her arm. I also slid up one of the sets...
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    National Rail virtual assistant

    You asked: cock Lisa says: Whilst this might be a fascinating subject for you, I'd much rather talk about travelling by train. ROFL!!! I got rinsed by Rail Enquiries. the best one is You asked:class 142 Lisa says:They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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    Model 442

    knowing ebay it would be a lot more than £100!
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    Dapols Latest Update

    I love the fact they've put drain cocks on the B17. Now they need to get rid of the snowplough ;)
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    My 8F problem

    nah It's Hornby, theres your problem!
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    Tunes have Changed!

    I have only a couple of minor gripes of this fine program. It involves the steam locos. When you blow off, no steam from safety's, the same applies when you whistle. When you open the drain cocks, no steam from there (but you do hear it). The one that really knarks me however, is that when...