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    Gold-painted points - where were they?

    I'm reasonably certain the M&GNJRS have one in the Holt museum, although I don't know if it's on display. It's IIRC local & a relatively recently acquisition, although I can't find it online at the minute....
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    Help identifying cigarette cards

    They look like press shots to me. Might have found their way onto another card series, but I suspect generic BR publicity images.
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    Oldest track "chairs" in use on a mainline UK railway? You're thinking of the sand drag protecting the single line section of Largin / St. Pinnock viaducts. Search for Largin Catch Points and the Sand Drag in page, there's no way to link halfway down. (Whether it's true or...
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Full details / plans of this are in Larry Crosier's Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth (SRS). Pretty extensive system going to all the main basins etc.
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    Llangollen Railway Its short term future?.

    Llangollen IIRC, but whether that was the railway themselves or an owner I don't know offhand. E1668E, so it's actually a Thompson, but pretty much the same difference. (n.b. I'm a M&GNJRS member and I suppose interested party, as opposed...
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    Llangollen Railway Its short term future?.

    Whilst making no accusations, remember that it's easy to do a skin deep cosmetic restoration & leave significant unresolved issues under the surface. Case in point is the Gresley brake we bought at the NNR a few years back. This was supposed to be structurally and externally largely complete...
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    Any first person anecdotes of the APT

    At the risk of wondering futher and further off-topic, higher voltage wasn't exclusive to Hornby and the APT. Some of the early 90s Bachmann controllers went up to 17v Mix that with an ex-Mainline split chassis, and you tended to get the magic smoke quite quickly.... (serious overheating...
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    Preserved Railways reopening with Diesel traction

    This is the usual summer Friday diesel running resuming. I'd expect another to be announced very soon :) As I understand it, it's never been about just diesel running, but also allows retention etc. for when the diesels are actually needed.
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    Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway to reopen on 15th August

    In that vicinity, the Bodmin & Wenford has said to members that they are not re-opening until Christmas at the earliest. Basically, I think all announcing any form of reopening have compartment stock available & a significant summer timetable to reduce.
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    Kent & East Sussex Railway Re-opening Survey

    Your link goes through Facebook somehow. (Presumably copied from there?) Please check.
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    Reminds me of a trip on the Bodmin and Wenford a couple of years ago, where we managed to chase a deer with a Prarie most of the way up the bank from Parkway :p Trouble there is that you *really* don't want to stop in a steamer halfway up, as restarting can be near impossible,
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    How many heritage railways ofter a Annual Season Ticket?

    Depends what you classify as a season ticket. Plenty of preserved lines offer memberships (often of varying grades) with travel perks attached, upto and including galas etc. For example, many years ago I paid a not insignificant sum for a Premier Life membership of the M&GNJRs (supporting...
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    29th (or thereabouts IIRC) for Part 2. I concur the other two parts of the tone test were OK, but not counting any chickens here! Especially as 2 of our morning failures were railway peeps, so anyone can fail at anything......
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    Passed the morning of stage 1 (3 of 7 didn't!), now anxiously awaiting the results of the afternoon session, which they tell me might be tomorrow or monday. At least hopeful here, although the two tone counting was nasty......
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    Greater Anglia Vacancies -Trainee Mainline Driver

    Absolutely attending :) Probably will go nowhere, but this would be my dream job off Bury or Crown Point. Minor kerfuffle getting the day off work, but nothing major. More of a pig getting up at 6AM to get the train from Norwich as I usually work lates, but these things are sent to try us.....