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    Transition from steam heating to electric train heating?

    The LMS design 69' 1st class 12 wheeled sleepers certainly had ETH fitted. Don't know about the 65' 2nd class sleepers.
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    Glasgow "Queen Street"

    Because Queen Street is about 200 yards south of the station?
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    Railway terminology: Carriages vs cars vs coaches

    Indeed, and BR inherited quite a number of ex-Caledonian 6 wheeled coached from the LMS at nationalisation.
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    Fire Systems on Rolling Stock HELP!

    As mentioned above by John Webb, there were a number of serious train fires in the late 1940s/early 1950s due to the use of highly flammable nitrocellulose lacquer - check Beattock 8th June 1950, Penmanshiel Tunnel 23rd June 1949 and Huntingdon 4th July 1951.
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    Track Circuits and Mansell Wheels

    I suppose it is possible that old wheels were used, but the bogies were certainly standard LMS.
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    Track Circuits and Mansell Wheels

    Don't think the second last sentence can be correct - the LMS used Mansell wheels on many of their sleeping cars, and the last sleeping cars to an LMS design were built in 1951/52. The 12 wheeled 1st class sleepers certainly had Mansell wheels.
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    Carriage type identifiers (or whatever they're called)

    Here's a page from Wikilpedia which might help: Carriage codes
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    Junctions in Tunnels

    There are two.
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    Junctions in Tunnels

    Bad accident there in 1939 - 1 dead, 161 injured. See the Railway Archive Stobcross West
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    Plans for a bridge were abandoned.
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    Blackpool North: The most unfriendly station in the country?

    Excellent example! The attitude of all the staff shown does credit to them and their employers.
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    NR are starting work between Stirling and Dunblane on 20th July, with work due to carry on until July 2021. I suspect a lot of it will be involved in the modernisation of Cornton level crossing. A works compound is to be set up beside the crossing in the land formerly occupied by the Stirling...
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    BR’s most successful DMU?

    Really? The Leyland O680 was a very long lived engine which was developed into the TL11. It was used in many applications apart from rail. No sure about the AEC A220.
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    Long distance heritage dmu journeys

    One notable exception was the 79xxx Swindon Inter-City dmus used on Edinburgh-Glasgow services, where the van was immediately behind the full width cabs.