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  • Hi , are you able to make Mileage 2019 in General Discussions a sticky , as it has been in previous years. Thanks Dave
    It is a sticky in general discussion already!
    It wasn’t when I posted
    It had been done long before yesterday at 09:01 - I saw it a couple of days ago as a sticky!
    Hi Max, I was wondering if you could post this on the Rail Forum? It is a media request. I’m contacting you from Alaska TV, a television production company where we are making a documentary series for Channel 4 on Britain’s coastal railway journeys.

    We will be featuring the West Highlands and Kyle line. We are really keen to get in touch with rail enthusiasts.

    Do you have a passion for keeping an eye out for certain trains?
    Do you write down the number each engine has?
    Do you have a passion for signalling?
    Do you live in Scotland or on the West Highlands/Kyle Line?

    If you would like to find out more please contact us on 0207 644 0029 or email us on shianne.brown@alaskatv.co

    We would love to hear from you. We look forward to hearing from you!
    I've had a post removed, not sure why though. Please could you inform why this is the case...?
    I was offering help to anybody who has an interest in trains in Moscow. But my offer was deleted by over zealous moderators. Why?
    Hello, I've had a post removed and I'm curious to why? I appreciate it was a first time post and it did refer to the business I work for, But it was niche relevent and opens up debate to whether proper mapping of the railway is needed to reduce accidents. I also posted an external article within the thread about the Watford derailment. Which was adding value, rather than trying to sell something.

    Happy to edit the post to remove links if that was the issue?

    Hi Max - A post that i put into the general forum has been moved in jobs and careers when it was not about about jobs at all! but was about issues arisen with type 1 diabetes on the railway - is it possible to move it back?
    I have accidentally put my full name as my username. Can you please change to to 'rontech' please?

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and I wish to change my username as it identifies me as it is my full name. I've seen some posts suggesting this is not a good idea in terms of privacy. Thank you in advance.
    hello max, I am new to the forum, I was just wondering how I post on it myself as I was unable to do so, thank you
    I have a message to say a post of mine was deleted as being "off topic" but I can't remember what it was that I posted or why it would have been off topic.
    I've received a message from an anonymous moderator - very dark that - that a comment I left on a thread was, "off topic". The topic was the fact that someone was questioning about being "done" for going off route on a ticket by travelling one station further to return back to his destination to get faster journey - this recommended route being on the National Rail website. My comment was that it showed the craziness of rail fares when a ticket is valid for a journey to Cambridge via the direct route through Newmarket or indirect - very indirect - via Ely yet another TOC wants to possibly prosecute someone for what may possibly be a £1 - £1.50 fare (according to another responder.
    It's not really off topic is it? It's part of the discussion on a forum.
    I appear to have cured the problem with account "daodao" by changing the e-mail address to another one and back again. Apologies for troubling you.
    I have had to register twice, as I did not receive an e-mail to activate the first user name "daodao" - please can you send me an e-mail to activate this account as it is linked to my home e-mail address, whereas username "dunham1" is linked to my work e-mail address.
    Hi - apologies for making a post about a prize draw which we thought your members might be interested in as it is to win rail tickets. Is there another way of doing this that would not go against the rules.

    I was wondering why the posts I made under the prosecutions section could not be viewed.
    I assumed once I became a 'member' and not a new member I would be able to view them.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    Double standards. Every post after #8 adds nothing to the answer but merely discusses other locations. Why haven't they been deleted?
    Hi, My humble apology, have posted a thread about fundraising and realise its not allowed without contacting you. Please can we lost? Regards
    Hi, I seem to have broken a rule that I looked very hard to find before posting. I searching the FAQ for references to advertising jobs and couldn't find any reference to it so assumed that board dedicated to jobs and careers would be fine to post in. Can you point me to a link to the FAQ item that I should have read before posting?

    In my defence I did also send a message to the forum admins seeking a collaboration between yourselves and MacRail. This offer is still open and I would very much like to discuss it.


    Having gone over the post in question in depth the word annoyed by Cari was used which equates to stressed the word I used. I certainly was not acting in a manner to encourage anyone to break the law. I am offended myself by an incorrect allegation but I accept that a Forum has to have rules and comply with the law. I need now to consider my options going forward.
    Hi Max, I am new to the Rail UK forum and received a mail dated 2008 related to an RMT thread. I did look at that thread in passing but as far as I am aware I did not post anything. Have I missed something or is it a glitch?
    Kind regards,
    Hello Max! My name is Mikko Lindskog and I am from Sweden. Me and my girlfriend have bought an old railway station (first train departed 3 Jan 1877) from the Swedish Transport Authority, which we are now restoring. For instance heating and plumbing must be rebuilt as it has frozen during cold winters. Right now we are having a crowdfunding campaign going on to get some more money for the renovation. Would it be ok to post a link to our crowdfunding on the forum? If so, which section would You recommend? To give You an idea of what we are doing, feel free to check out www.ulule.com/grythyttan-station for the crowdfunding and grythyttanstation.com for our normal web site. Best regards, Mikko Lindskog, Norrkoeping, Sweden (you can also reach me via mlindskog@hotmail.com)
    Hi max I posted a Qestion re class 43 loo's after they are moved of the forts great western and it was Deleted I do not understand why I do not think I did any wrong doing ?.
    Hi Max

    I'm a TV producer working for ITN. We are currently looking for rail commuters who are willing to be interviewed for a documentary about the stresses of commuting. Would you be willing to post a message with my contact details on your site. Best wishes Mark Dolan
    Hi Max,
    My name is Veronica and I am doing a master in Transportation and Hydraulics Systems Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, in Italy. I have spent 5 months in the UK with the Erasmus programme and Professor J. M. Preston from the University of Southampton is my tutor for the project of my final dissertation.
    The objective of this study is to understand the relations existing between the improvement in the rail system technologies (High Speed Rail) and the society and users through a web survey.
    Professor Preston suggested me your forum as a potential channel where I could post my survey, do you think I can do this? I believe my survey will not break any forum's rule or policy.
    I'm waiting for your kind reply, thank you very much.
    A link to my survey is attached below.

    Many thanks
    Hi Max, I just made a post and checked 30 mins later and it hadn't posted and then I made another one where I used the same title, but wrote not much in the body to see if it posts. I just got a PM saying one was deleted I am not sure which one, can you please help?
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