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  • Re london dragged by overground train, don't know if it is worth mentioning that all underground stock do have porter buttons.
    Hi there. Didn't realise that, but my thinking was that timetables on DOO routes are generally so tight that drivers having to walk the train would get pretty expensive pretty quickly.
    Congrats on passing 10,000 posts, and on your way to being a Vet.. You've definitely served us well, have a cake! <:D:cake:
    Thanks nakaB for your advise I feel like a complete oath and I've let everyone down in my life - I'm still shaking with rage at how stupid I've been.
    Hi najaB many thanks for your response to my post on short faring. I'm going to get in touch with the citizens advice bureau today in regards to this as I'm very stressed and anxious over all of this. Especially with my current job I'm worried that I'll loose it over my complete stupidity.
    By the way, what is the likely outcome based on your experiences? Summon or settle? Should I be consulting a solicitor at this stage? Thanks
    third, I plan to mention the fact that I hope to settle with the Company out of court plus any admin costs to date. I will add my contact details again on the letter, i.e. mobile number and email address, though I doubt they will contact me this way and I could not find their contact number anywhere on either the letter I received or their website.

    Things that I am not sure about are as below:
    A. repeat what happened
    B. mention my situation to get sympathy, i.e concern lost of work, my visa status
    C. offer an exact amount even greater than you have mentioned to get option to settle
    D. mention that the letter is only for settlement purpose only
    E anything else

    I fully appreciate that you are not a lawyer, but still I would appreciate some suggestions on the letter content. (I am planning to send it on first thing Tuesday morning due to the Mon bank holiday.)

    Look forward to hearing back. Thanks a lot
    Hi najaB,

    Thanks for getting back so promptly. Much appreciated.

    Like I said, this is a very unfortunate situation and I have certainly learnt the lesson. Again, I dont wanna find myself any excuses because what is done is done.

    The reason I sent you PM instead of posting a thread is because I found your advices to others are definitely more helpful than some of the forum members.

    I am planning to draft a letter back to Southeastern: first, to apologise the incident and their time wasted in dealing with the incident; second, I shall mention that I have immediately upgraded my Oyster travel card to cover zone 1 to 4 and state my Oyster number although they probably dont care (I had to cancel my previous zone 1 to 2 annual pass as it worked out cheaper to do it this way);
    ( continue with another message)
    Hi najaB, how you are well. I have read a couple of threads and hope you could maybe advise on my situation: within all the excuses, I have travelled in london with zone 1-2 travel card but for zone 1-4 for probably 3-4 months. Bumped into the inspector early last month and now received letter from Southeastern for my personal details. On the letter, it mentioned "provisionally authorised for prosecution". I am intending to reply the letter in writing but apologising and offer the settlement out of court. Other facts are 1) I sometimes did touch in and out. 2)within the 3-4 months period, I had 15 days on annual leave (reduced travel) and 1 month on business travel 3)I travel twice a day from Mon-Fri. I can't stress enough how regret I feel at the moment. I do hope I can manage to settle with the company out of court with your advise if possible. Look forward to hearing back.
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