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    Freightliner Intermodal after trainee drivers across UK

    Not sure about any new graduate courses this year, but there is definitely talk of asking some drivers if they would like to move to other depots to save on possible redundancies. Word is there will be a big meeting in March to sort it all out.
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    Party trick train drivers can learn for Christmas

    Marston Vale route can be shortened slightly to... Fenny, WAR, LMS, Kier Hardy and Blow-Job...! Works for me :wink:
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    Rugby Midland

    Test post to see if I'm still able to upload photos or not...having a spot of bother on some other forums at the moment...!
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    Becoming a train driver

    I think you should be ok - one of our lads who moved to EMT a while back is barely 5'0'' tall.
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    Police Officer to Train Driver

    We have an ex- copper on our complement and another colleague at a different depot is also ex- Police, a former detective who got his driving job at the grand old age of 54, so keep plugging away folks and don't give up :wink:
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    Weird train-related dreams

    My brother and I are both drivers working for different companies and a few years ago by sheer coincidence, we were both brought to a stand at the old signal gantry just to the west of Water Orton station, I was on a 66 while he was on a 170. We both thought it was quite bizarre at the time but...
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    What train would you like to drive ?

    You can do my Stud Farm Quarry to Willesden job tomorrow night if you like and I'll stay at home! I'll even throw in a copy of the ASLEF Journal so you can use it to mop up the rainwater as it seeps in through the window rubbers at the bottom of the screen...! As for the OP... I'd dearly...
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    Again with the irony... :roll: No insult included in any of my previous posts in this thread, no misleading anecdotes or 'self appointed arbiter' wotnot, just simple statements, well meant advice and opinions based on many years of experience, and above all a good dose of reality. Just one...
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    No 'insult's were fired in your direction, just plain speaking, good advice and genuine interest, that's all. Will you answer any of the specific questions put to you, they are after all, part of the debate...?
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    If you can't be bothered then why should anyone else be bothered to read your constant childish replies or point things out to you..? I never thought I'd ever say this on a railway forum, but I sincerely hope you are never allowed anywhere near the operational side of the network. The only...
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    You are now coming across as an angry twelve year old who's had his train set taken away. My questions are on the previous page by the way...
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    A sense of deja vu is kicking in now.... care to actually answer my questions, instead of ingoring them and other poster's concerns altogether...?
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    Care to answer the two questions I put to you earlier..? I'm not 'intimidating' anyone or trying to discourage them, far from it in fact, I wish everyone on here the very best of luck, even you, yet you continue to come across as someone who can't or won't answer a direct question that's put to...
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    Two strikes and you're out....or are you....

    Self absorbed clap trap...? You really don't get it do you? Oh the irony... however, I do wish you the best of luck in your application to become a driver. Just do me a favour and stay well away from anywhere on my route card :wink: