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  • Watford will do if that is OK? would meet around 06:45 so we got a full day at the SVR and you can sleep in the car if you want? I got to make a drop off at Birmingham New Street for another member to catch a train there at 09:00!

    PM me your mobile number and we'll go from there!

    PS I don't get notifications when you post to your own wall!


    While I would prefer to visit another railway having been there recently, I fancy getting out and having a good chat.

    I'm able to get to any metropolitan line station- Uxbridge, Watford or Amersham branch. I assume meeting you at Hillingdon Station would be easiest? What time?

    Just so you know, the car pool has been reduced to £10 return for the Severn Valley Railway trip, can pick you up very close to near where you are.

    Hi Simon11, Eastcote to pick up will be fine, have set up a BlaBla Car itinerary on the forum topic! The trip will be to the Severn Valley Railway.

    hi, I saw from a post that you said as working for FCC you got travel facilities on other TOC'S like TFL, East Coast, East Midlands ect. I was wondering what level of discount you got as I am looking to apply for FCC and wanted to know what travel facilities discounts are available in particular : TFL and If you get discounted travel cards for use on TFL services.

    Hi Simon,

    Could ask you some questions about what the TfL telephone interview was like?
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