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  • Woops! Hopefully you get this!

    The first train into Watford Underground station is at 7.37am, so can't get there for 6.45am. If we do go via Birmingham, it looks like it would add an extra hour on the journey each way? From Watford Met Line, it takes just over two hours to Severn Railway via the M40.

    I would be interested for Sun 22nd Feb, where are you thinking of going?

    I live in the Eastcote area, is this okay?

    BTW, do you work for GA or c2c?



    Just to make you aware, there are only 4 Fares Workshops left in this series of them (after that, the next batch will be from next Spring onwards) - have a look at the Forum Meets Summary to see the remaining dates/locations and send me a PM if you're interested :)


    Mike :D
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