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    1. Peter Kimber
      Peter Kimber
      Hi Mike, I have accidenty put my full name as my username. Is there any chance I can change my username to 'South West Pete' Thanks in advance!
    2. Turbostar
      Hi, can I change my username please to SouthWestMart. Thanks in advance.
      1. Turbostar
        Hi Mike, ref. to received email. Why is there a prob changing my username, considering majority of members, including yourself, have their names in their username in some way shape or form?
        29 Sep 2019
      2. Mike395
        Hi there! It wasn't me personally that made the decision, but in any case we wouldn't normally update a name unless it presented a privacy concern in its current form (whereas you're doing the opposite) - primarily just to prevent confusion for other members.
        30 Sep 2019
      3. Squidley
        can anyone give s me information on how to apply for train operator?
        21 Oct 2019
    3. Aictos
      Any idea if it's possible to change the banner at the top of the page whenever I visit the site, I think in the past there was a option to change it to various headers such as HSTs for one...

      Is this still a option or has it gone?
      1. Mike395
        Hey Class 403! It's gone for the moment as we needed to upgrade the forum software as a priority. It'll hopefully return in the future, but it's a fair job to collate these so not a priority at present unfortunately.
        7 Aug 2018
      2. Aictos
        Okay, that's fine I just thought I ask that's all. Thanks for being so prompt and polite.
        7 Aug 2018
    4. SteveT
    5. dabaus1
      Hi, great forum, i would like to change my username as I accidentally place my full name, can you change it to 'dabaus1' many thanks!
    6. Olaf

      Yorkie asked me to contact you re status of server(s).

      I have posted the details I have to Mojo, so will not repost to avoid inconsistencies.

      In short - the site appears to have been compromised.
    7. Rob Hewer
      Rob Hewer
      I have accidentally put my full name as my username. Can you please change to to 'rontech' please?

    8. riotcop
      hi mike I have just joined the forum however it wont allow me to post any threads is this because I have just joined I have followed the instructions on the email link I was sent .I am due to start for Arriva northern as a conductor
    9. Phil.
      I've just had a post deleted. What's the problem?
    10. MacRail
      Hi, I seem to have broken a rule that I looked very hard to find before posting. I searching the FAQ for references to advertising jobs and couldn't find any reference to it so assumed that board dedicated to jobs and careers would be fine to post in. Can you point me to a link to the FAQ item that I should have read before posting?

      In my defence I did also send a message to the forum admins seeking a collaboration between yourselves and MacRail. This offer is still open and I would very much like to discuss it.


    11. Mikko
      Hello! My name is Mikko Lindskog and I am from Sweden. Me and my girlfriend have bought an old railway station (first train departed 3 Jan 1877) from the Swedish Transport Authority, which we are now restoring. For instance heating and plumbing must be rebuilt as it has frozen during cold winters. Right now we are having a crowdfunding campaign going on to get some more money for the renovation. Would it be ok to post a link to our crowdfunding on the forum? If so, which section would You recommend? To give You an idea of what we are doing, feel free to check out www.ulule.com/grythyttan-station for the crowdfunding and grythyttanstation.com for our normal web site. Best regards, Mikko Lindskog, Norrkoeping, Sweden (you can also reach me via mlindskog@hotmail.com)
    12. BritishRail83
      Hi hope your ok Mike. Did Yorkie send you a message about a £3.60 trip around Kent in April or May?
    13. ihe
      Me and my attitude are leaving the forum to those who believe that penalising ticket buying customers is tantamount to revenue protection. East Coast are going to have to come to small claims court to if they want to get and keep that 96.8.
    14. Row
      Hi Mike, I'd quite like to get my appeal reviewd by yourself please. Unfortunately I do not have privileges to send private messages, would you mind granting me access please? Thanks
    15. anthonyw2698
      Why was my post deleted?
    16. Spotterspotter

      I wondered if you could help, I had read through all of the FAQ's and only gotten around to seeing the point you make about advertising below the area where you post - I was looking for spotters who might be interested in helping out on an editorial shoot. Sorry if I missed a step but wondered if you could point me in the right direction into getting my post republished?

    17. TrueNorth
      Hi administrators. I am doing some research for a television production company and I would like to seek the administrators' consent before posting an appeal for help from contributors to the forum. I have registered on the site but I don't seem to be able to send a PM to the administrators. For obvious reasons, it makes sense for me to check the nature of our proposed appeal in private, before going ahead and posting it on the forum. Many thanks for your help.
    18. Myklebust
      I did ask why a post I had made has not appeared, it was on the subject of Oyster Cards.
    19. island
      You still need to change your location :D
    20. VTPreston_Tez
      'Bout time you became administrator! :)
    21. SS4
      Congrats on Admin-hood :D
    22. NLC1072
      Congrats on the Mod job! =D Best of luck!
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