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  • Any likelihood of your return to this website. From today onwards, I no longer act for you on "The end of the station's word" quiz and if anyone contacts me with queries relating to this quiz, they will be referred onwards to the accredited forum quizmasters.
    You just have to embrace the lurker, I've now accepted 150128, and just go along with it's attraction to me ;)

    I know that ;)

    But no, I can't come to Railfest at all. It's just to expensive for me at this stage.
    Ouch, that's strong advice :shock:

    Just remember that First run the X53 as well ;)
    No idea. It was on the through road, possibly some sort of signal check? It moved on a bit (possibly a block section) and stop, within sight, in the tunnel towards St Pancras
    Are you able to view the theads in the quiz section just being barred from posting? That seems a long winded way of doing things... I never got the 500th Rely Rule thing any way, what was it about?
    If the intention is to "shoot" various objects (either as many as possible or all within a set time limit) then it would work. I don't know whow popular a bus one would be though, especially outside of a major area with a large number of different things to look at. Including Blackpool and Lancaster would make it more interesting though.

    And there is no reason why a local shouldn't take part! ;) The Manchester Challenge had one competitor who lives literally a mile or two from Piccadilly station...
    Do you mean as a Challenge?

    If we did a bus one we would need a much larger area than Preston - and it would be very difficult to run. How do you decide who wins? Is it the person that takes the highest number of pictures of different bus stops along the way? The highest number of different journeys made?

    Bus ones are very difficult to plot. We do have normal Challenges not too far from you though; we had one in Manchester earlier this month, for instance.
    I wish I had invented that term! :p But I kind of stole it from a friend of mine who used it to describe everyone that she believed should have been killed in the Coronation Street tram crash in December 2010...
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