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    1. TT-ONR-NRN
      Hello, I see you are online. Why can’t I post a new thread on the Quizzes and Games Forum?

      Thanks :D
      1. Trainfan344
        Only Staff can start new threads in the quizzes and games forum, if you wish to pitch an idea for a new game please message one of the team on that side and they'll make a decision.
        26 Nov 2017
      2. TT-ONR-NRN
        Yeah, I know that now after being messaged but thanks! :D
        26 Nov 2017
    2. TransportHub
      For some reason all the LU imperial mileage charts have disappeared from the thread, any idea why? thanks
    3. traintraintrai
      May I ask why my message was restored?
    4. dmoonuk
      Hi I work for GTR and have 4 folders of ticket stuff that was used about 10 years a go to train revenue staff on Thameslink on tickets/penalty fares i have a lot of laminated original tickets some blank some used i have some photos of them and happily scan any in you may want. Do you have an email address i can send some examples to you. If so please email at Dan.
    5. onlinespotting
      Hi, I had a thread removed. I apologise in advance if I post repeated threads, I have been on the forum almost 2 years but only recently started using it regularly. My thread related to the croaky voice of Julie Berry on LM 350s. Please can you guide me to the original thread where this was discussed.
    6. maybedodgy
      Hi BB 21

      I would request you to open the thread to allow me to open the following message

      I hope readers, members and moderators appreciate how difficult it is to communicate effectively when all my replies are subject to several hours of delay due to the "new member" requirement of having ones post manually approved.

      In the hours between posting to explaining or clarify myself and that post appearing, it seems several posters have gleefully taken to defaming both my character and actions. And of course, when my reply is eventually published it is not added to the end of the discussion but silently inserted into the middle, pre-dated, and the defamation continues.

      I would encourage everyone to perhaps give new members subject to these burdensome limits a little more benefit of the doubt and to regularly check the previous replies to the topic, to see if any new information has arisen on previous pages.
    7. grid56032_uk
      Thanks for your reply and info squire - much appreciated
    8. grid56032_uk
      Hi bb21, Re your post that contains.......

      5.4.8 Season Tickets (Used as Leisure Products)

      In some cases a season ticket with wide validity can be preferable over a rover product, due to its lack of time restrictions.

      One example is a SOUTHAMPTON CTL [NLC 5932] - LONDON TERMINALS [NLC 1072] Route Any Permitted season ticket. This ticket is valid within the area bounded roughly by Southampton Central, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Reading, Slough, Hayes & Harlington, London Paddington, (across south London to the other side and) London Bridge, East Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Brighton and the south coast.

      I have a PRIV Annual Season SOUTHAMPTON CTL [NLC 5932] - LONDON TERMINALS [NLC 1072] Route Any Permitted & I would like to use it via Salisbury. However I cannot find proof that |I can do so - how did you prove this was a valid route please Squire? Cheers for your help & assistance., Cheers, Roge
    9. dcd
    10. AndTHS
      Hi mate.
      I just had a thread with a survey about HS2 deleted for advertising and promotion. I had hoped that this wouldn't be a problem as I am not aiming to gain monetarily from this. Is there any way it would be possible for me to post a thread whereby I link this survey?
    11. Fare-Cop
      Hello, I have no wish to cause any argument, but would like an explanation as to why my post in the thread 'expired railcard' was removed.

      I have received a message to say that my post was removed and I have no problem, but would like a clear explanation as to why this was considered necessary given that my post was entirely factually and legally correct ?

      One major concern that I and many others of my experience in rail management have is a seeming bias toward anti rail comments by some forum users, that seems to fly in the face of the good re-education work that many posters achieve.

      A continuing complaint across the industry is the lack of consistency in the message being given, but very importantly any consistent message must also be factually correct at all times.

      Many thanks.
    12. NewbieHelp
      Thank you for your private message reply.
    13. NewbieHelp
      Further on from my post this morning, I spoke with a member of South West Trains staff on my way home. She said that the ticket is not traceable? Do you know for certain that the ticket is traceable? I am terribly confused now. :-( Thank you for your time.
    14. lifesisover95
      hi bb21 you seem very reliable when it comes to ticket fares, I got my first letter today and its saying I could be prosecuted. I am extremely nervous/scared as if im convicted my life will be over as I'm only 19 years old. Ive never done anything like this is my life, and its going to change it, how do you think is the best response to this letter?
    15. GearJammer
      Hi bb21, just a quick message about a message I posted on here that you edited, im curious as to why it was edited? It states it was for 'reason 13' but ive no idea what reason 13 is, could you enlighten me please?
    16. sonorguy
      Hi bb21,

      If you could send the email to the new account email that would be great.

    17. sonorguy
      Hi bb21,

      I'm attempting to replay to your email re duplicate account but can't find a reply button on the screen.

      I'm not trying to sock-puppet myself and would really prefer my old username on new account but can't log into my old account in order to do this, if that makes sense.

    18. jimjim
      Is there any chance you could send me a pm about some tickets.

    19. HStubbs
      Hi bb21
      I tried to start a new thread about visiting every station in the UK but it was deleted for the reason 'new post not necessary' however I can't find a thread already existing on this topic. Can you tell me where I can find a thread on this? Or let me know how I can post without it being deleted?

    20. Luke456001
      As i have said i wanted a different account name. So please let me have this one and close the other account.
    21. Luke456001
      i wanted a different username. i dont use the other one anymore.
    22. Yorkboy
      Thank you Brian, sorry I don't know how to reply to your message :)
    23. Yorkboy
      Dear bb21,

      Your FAQs suggest that I contact you to discuss advertising on your forums.

      My new website ( brings together holiday accommodation for railway enthusiasts, to facilitate the ease of booking such accommodation. The idea arose from my own difficulties trying to locate a holiday cottage near a railway. Properties were hidden several pages into Google with no central website for booking railway properties.

      59 properties have joined RSC and owners advertise for free during 2014.

      I am creating links with other railway websites, and wondered if you would include a link with our logo on your website. I would include your website on my links page. The Heritage Railway Association has supported me by permitting me to use the railway totem as my logo.

      If you only offer paid advertising opportunities, please advise me of the rates.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards
      Chris Parkinson
    24. bobwood123
      Hi, sorry to bother you but could you allow my post on the MG11 thread to go through? It's urgent and I really need advice on the letter I received. Thanks.
    25. dingle01902
      Hi bb can you move my reply out of premod plz? x
    26. dingle01902
      bb21. Ive just joined and am in premod. The thread I posted is time critical.
      Any chance you could bump it please??
    27. CommuterClub
      Hi bb21,

      We noticed a recent discussion on RailUKforums concerning CommuterClub. We try to proactively respond to queries about us. As we are a relatively new business in pre-launch our web presence is limited, we find a lot of confusion about our offer and product.

      We love the quality of the discussion on RailUKforums and have already taken some of the feedback into our site. We would love to continue to engage. There are real human beings behind the site that monitor it everyday.

      Do you have a mechanism to allow company reps to post or respond?

      Kind regards,

      The CommuterClub Team
    28. shaveta2929
      I boarded the train from wokingham and realized i had misplaced the ticket.I was in the last carriage of the train and tried knocking the door of the gaurd. no one answered so i started looking for him by walking towards the front of the train I am sure there will be CCTV to sustantiate what i say.I was stopped by the revenue inspector and i told him of my situation. he however did not listen and took all my details.I did not understand his language properly and he made me sign on some papers It was dark so i did could not read what he wrote.He did not give me time to look for my ticket in the bag.I found my ticket after he took all the details in my bag and also a receipt of the another ticket I had already bought from blackwater to reading
      I was in a horrible state of panic and did not know what he was asking.I provided him with my correct address and phone.I was in a shock into panic but had he given me enough time i could have found my ticket in my bag
    29. Tp_1972
      Hi how long does it take to moderate my posts?
    30. rechoss
      I didn't receive an authentication email on my first account and on the second has an incorrect email address.
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