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  • Been working in Italy recently, spent only a few hours lineside but found some hidden gems in the Dolomites. Plenty to see and do if you make the effort. Found ALL staff very helpful and no jobs-worths in the whole country was my overiding experience.
    Photographs and video of the rail infrastructure in daily use, dont care what uses it, its just a business doing its stuff. Sorry like but sarcasm is not my thing, as you can clearly see, I dont do stations or passengers.........I keep mi-sen-to-mi-sen.....so when anyone sarcastic comes along, they usually fail to register. I plough a lone furrow in the rail world mate, so there you have it!!
    It was a rhetorical question and sarcasm to your first comment about you not 'doing numbers, stations and passengers.'
    Hi there, located near Tickhill, visit ECML south of Bawtry and SYJR when sun shining...not much then considering. Dont do numbers, dont do stations, dont do passengers!
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