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  • Hi theageofthetra,

    Just wondering how you're getting on with your training? I've applied to Southeastern this time round. I tried to PM you but it wouldn't let me? Could you PM me please? Many thanks. Chris

    I’ve got my assessment day for Southeastern Trainee Driver coming up extremely soon (13th March). I don’t normally get that nervous but this is a huge exception. I’ve been waiting for this day since I was a little boy! Well I’m only 23 now, so still technically a little boy haha!

    I thought I would just swing you a message because I saw that you done the new selection tests successfully. How did the interviews go, what sort of things did they ask you? If there’s absolutely anything pointers you could give me I would be unbelievably grateful, more than I am able to convey in this email.

    Thanks in advance and all the best to you,

    James – bevnae01@hotmail.co.uk
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