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  • Hello Tom,

    Same as Tom boyd , I would be going for my Signalling Interview soon. I would remain grateful if you could help me with the preparations, I have been looking for the 8 Non-Technical Skills but cant find it in the Signallers Job description or requirements.
    yeah, it seems like I can't PM yet. My e-mail is tfinglis@hotmail.co.uk (I don't really mind it being public).
    What you've said so far is awesome. I've worked shift, I've worked indoors and outdoors in jobs that can be super quiet for a long time.
    Anything else, either experience or links to stuff to read would be amazing.

    Thanks pal.
    Hi there, you said to PM you about signaller interviews?

    I have two coming up, the 12th in Cambridge (my preference) for the Elsenham box.

    It says that I should prepare for "business and general questioning on what I perceive the role requires. Will include location knowledge, personal skills and travel arrangements."

    Any advice you can offer would be invaluable.
    It's interesting to note that during the night, Freight trains rule. Of course, this does make sense as most passenger trains are in bed and thus there are more paths. I'm telling you, though, watching the WCML webcam at 1 in the morning, it's fun to see 66s screaming their way past. I usually se them at stations so I don't get to see them go this fast (or this loud!) very often!
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