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    First Class XC Birmingham to Leicester

    Typo...... Argh! - Complimentary -
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    First Class XC Birmingham to Leicester

    XX:52 Birmingham - Leicester there is no trolley service. XX:22 Birmingham - Stansted sees a trolley onboard offering commentary tea, coffee, water & biscuits to first class ticket holders. Hope this helps
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    Staff Parking Birmingham New Street

    Just wondered if Cross Country Staff get free parking at Birmingham New Street and if not where you guys park? Thanks
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    Arriva Trainee Drivers and Guards

    Anyone know if Sundays are outside, and whether conductors work four/five day weeks? Cheers.
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    XC Train Manager

    Cheers mate
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    XC Train Manager

    Hi Folks, From research I know Reading recruits for First Class Hosts and Retail Service Managers, but wondered if they did so for Train Managers? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance