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    York Derailment, 31/01/13 This is the video i caught shortly after 60009's support coach dramatically derailed at platform 10 at York Station yesterday lunchtime kkwqi-q20CE
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    ATW's new Loco's

    Ok my thread is to do with Arriva's recent change of loco's on their Holyhead to Cardiff services..... What i cant understand is why they haven't replaced their 57's with the Voyagers from their Cross Country brand? Instead they went with RENTED 67's!!!! I just wanna know what you guys think...
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    What Is Happening To Telford International Railfreight Park

    Deeemed as an inspirational addition to Telfords industries. The International Railfreight Park has recently been classed as "underused" and the siding are just used for storing EMU's. What do you think has caused such problems for such a promising site and what do you reckon will fate have...
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    Shropshire to London link bidding war!!

    It has be drawn to my attention that a maximum of 4 rail operators are bidding for the rights to operate rail links from Shropshire to London. These companies are First Group, Virgin, Abellio and Keolis. Has anybody heard or got anymore info on this supposed bidding war or is it just smoke in...
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    Places Midland Metro could go....

    Ah good thinking. So you reckon they should transform the walsall loop? I thought they were campaigning to re-open that stretch of line to general rail trafic again?
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    UK Stations no longer served by InterCity

    Shrewsbury, Telford..... Basically all of the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury Line lol
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    Places Midland Metro could go....

    Ok i know Centro are planning an extension to the Midland Metro Line in Birmingham and into the Merry Hill Centre but what about the area's forgotten routes it could use..... Perhaps the South Staffordshire line that runs through Pensnett, Wombourne, Himley etc, what if that was relaid and made...
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    Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury Line

    Then why do they keep it open if its an unattractive line to franchises?..... I mean LM and ATW are making a killing from that line and their trains are always full to the brim with passengers. Part of me wishes that Virgin and Arriva didnt pressure W&S into closure!!
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    Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury Line

    I would take that tablespoon of salt too, i remember when Virgin "trialled" the line in the late 90's using 47's and a rake of class 3 coaches, they only did around 3 trains a day and none of them turned up on time or were cancelled on a regular basis. They scrapped it after just 18 months!! We...
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    Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury Line

    So since Wrexham and Shropshire folded back in January, this sleepy main line has now once again been left without an intercity service provider. So who is next to pick up the pieces after this last tragedy?? Rumours are that Virgin are to begin a service along the line from Chester but its just...
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    Railways In West Cork??

    I see your point, and it would have been awesome to just jump on a Train at Bantry or Dunmanway instead of relying on the Bus Eireann coaches that 1. take forever to arrive and 2. are becoming ridiculously expensive. Road travel is not the way forward in West Cork as the roads themselves are...
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    Virgin Franchise Extended

    They shouldnt need to extend the platforms at stations like Birmingham New Street and Carlisle anyway, they're already long enough lol
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    Virgin Franchise Extended

    Who is a troll?? lol
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    Virgin Franchise Extended

    I know im just being nostalgic. I mean the trains on the WCML today are just.... Boring and it was Virgin that did that to the line. I mean when BR were in charge there was a whole mixture of loco's and rolling stock, and there was even a decent intercity line between Wolverhampton and...