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    South Wales

    Welsh Gov't ramp up funding commenced on 1st September, with fairly strict terms on what they would agree to fund in terms of extra services, and some applications being rejected in the first instance. It was also concluded at fairly short notice (Wednesday before the Bank Holiday!) so some...
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    TrawsCambria / TrawsCymru

    The T9 subsidy is what has been re-purposed to allow the X7 to run - the subsidy I imagine is making the difference!
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    TrawsCambria / TrawsCymru

    With what appears to be 5 or 6 flights/day from the airport at the moment, I think anyone would argue that funds should be spent elsewhere, rather than on a 20 min headway bus service. Trawscymru themselves are promoting the 905 rail link for the airport, which should be more than sufficient...
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    Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Bus News

    There had to be some evolution of mango coming, which became more inevitable when trentbarton plumped for Ticketer machines to give them contactless functionality last year. The current "Heath Robinson" arrangement of ETMs at the front of the bus isn't something that could go on for ever...
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    Newport Transport to face Public Inquiry

    Although noting from their annual report that the Caerphilly electrics are delayed until 2021 at this point. From a webinar that is available on youtube, the Newport examples appear to be funded (at least partly) through the Zenobe investment...
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    Should buses be operated by private operators or in public hands?

    Forgive my slight cropping of your post above. I think the difference is "good quality service" - the network in London is planned and organised by TfL, whose network changes cannot, in some ways, be said to be "good quality" for the travelling public who have recently had several bus routes...
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    Should buses be operated by private operators or in public hands?

    The argument of public/private isn't really the fundamental, as "The Grand Wazoo" has suggested in his earlier post. Ownership of the actual bus business is the current distraction from actually sorting out the roads so that they provide an environment in which buses can flourish for whoever...
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    Do restrictions apply on the use of public transport in Wales? Are leisure journeys allowed or not?

    Going back to post 456, when there hasn't been any additional funding into the Welsh bus industry, as Stagecoach will have seen in both England & Scotland at this point, not having a Sunday service allows them to run more during the week and on Saturday, traditionally when higher volumes of...
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    Reflections on a South East Wales Network Rider

    I'm sure it's been done, but a trip across on the 172 (Aberdare-Bridgend-Porthcawl) gives you a great trip across the Rhondda and then to the coast. The onus really should be on the operators to sell their services, or ensure they put appropriate pressure on the Council to get stops to a good...
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    Status of bus events

    Slightly back on topic, I note that Friends of King Alfred are planning a display (not running event) in conjunction with Heritage Open Days should they go ahead in September - details from their website below:
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    Reflections on a South East Wales Network Rider

    As ever, a most interesting travelogue. There were - X18 used to be Ebbw Vale - Newport, and the demise of the X16 (in it's final form being Risca-Marshfield-Cardiff, but previously extending back up to Brynmawr) was hastened by the arrival of the railway to Ebbw Vale...
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    Optare: The future (and is there one?)

    Optare still have a good product in the Solo - the issue being now that the price of a Solo is expensive for what you get, and there are other comparable vehicles (e.g. the smallest e200) on the market. As much as we know ADL produce bodywork that can be rattly at times, generally the overall...
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Apologies - missed this on Sunday. The first choice in my understanding would have been Scania/E300s to maintain fleet standardisation - as those are no longer available, other heavyweight chassis were then considered. The interior specification is that of Welsh Gov't. Looks like we'll have...
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    Reading orders Optare MetroDeckers

    There may be an opportunity for someone to pick up a new vehicle on the cheap then if, at least one, was reasonably far along. That's already happened with a Reading-spec vehicle from the also cancelled BCI decker order, which Ensign took themselves in the end.
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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    The B8RLE/Evora that were built for Stagecoach Wales and went onto the T4 seem to be holding up quite well, and seem reasonably well built. Their build quality must have improved for the subsequent follow up order for busway use in Cambridgeshire.