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47828 preserved

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18 Aug 2013
Between Peterborough & Bedlington
For you Brush fanatics here, news was published yesterday about the preservation of DRS no. 47828. http://www.dartmoor-railway-sa.org/news

D05 Preservation is delighted to announce that following discussions with both Dartmoor Railway CIC and the Supporters' Association, we have been offered a great home for 47828.

The facilities and opportunities offered to us by Dartmoor Railway fit in perfectly with our plans to preserve 47828 but not park it. We hope to have it in service on their line as soon as possible.

Tiffany Arthurs, General Manager of Dartmoor Railway CIC says "Following the success of our Sulzer weekend and the similar engines in use on our Polar Express trains, 47828 seems like a perfect candidate to support our operation going forward".

"This is exciting news for the Dartmoor Railway. Our Volunteers and Association members are there to support the railway and to help in any way they we can. The great turnout of our team for the Sulzer Weekend certainly confirmed our support for such exciting projects and we look forward to working with the D05 Preservation Group when 47828 arrives at the railway" said Philip Wagstaff, Chairman of the Dartmoor Railway Supporters' Association"

47828 will be moved from Longtown to Meldon depot by rail where volunteers from all parties will commence their work on preparing it for service on Dartmoor Railway for this upcoming season. D05 Preservation would like to express our gratitude to friends of the group for their support and advice, and to DRS for their professionalism and assistance during the tender process.
Not open for further replies.