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9 Feb 2010
Hi Guys (and Gals)

I've just started working for First Great Western from 27/02.

On Friday 24th Feb I got all the details in the post about the job and an ATOC form which I had to fill in to get my ATOC Card and also provide a passport photo as well as fill in the bits for a partner/spouse if applicable.

I sent this form of straight away with all the other forms I had to send back to FGW in Swindon.

However I need to fill in another form (which I've been unable to obtain at present as I don't have a printer).

FGW had a note with my form to say I needed another form but I gave them the wrong form number and so far not had any thing back in the post yet.

I notice on the ATOC website they recommend saving it and e-mailing it with a digital copy of a photo.

I'm unsure right now if I should do this or get a copy of the form printed and then send that back to FGW with a letter and passport photo.

In the information I got given from FGW i was told to include a photo of myself for my FGW pass however as far as I'm aware it did not say any thing about partner/spouse for FGW travel.

Question is what should I do? Should I fill in the form I need to and e-mail it to ATOC or get it printed and send it back to FGW at Swindon? But also what should I do about the free travel with FGW for my partner?
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9 May 2011
ATOC staff travel are a pretty friendly bunch-you should be fine giving them a call or email-or wait till induction week and sort it with FGW then-it can take a few weeks for travel passes to come through anyway. Perhaps don't keep pestering HR at this point.


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29 Aug 2010
Agreed, they are a decent bunch. The contact number for FGW staff will be listed on the ATOC website, they don't bite so give them a call, they are usually very helpful.

Unusual for a train company to expect staff to get the ATOC Priv pass themself - most respectable companies HR sections will automatically send it off for you. FGW clearly need a slap for not doing that.
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