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Back agin!

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Bill EWS

10 Feb 2006
Hi everyone,
I got shut off line after accidentally deleting my cookie folder. I managed to get most things back again, usernames, passwords etc, but RailUK just refused to send me my password, in spite of stating that a password had been emailed, it never turned up. I contacted the administrators but for some reason they too had difficulty emailing me but eventually got there a couple of days ago, so it has taken some while to get back on line again. However, I kept browsing the Forum and taking in what was going on.

I appreciated Ezzypeezy joining in my suggestion for more 'factual' routes and possibly getting a group together to built them. There was lots of reasons why it couldn't be done and not much of HOW it could be done, which was disappointing, but I still think its a good idea and would work if the right team was formed and the right attitudes of sharing in the work accepted by all.

Whatever, I have not been doing much BVE driving as it has just been too hot to concentrate but have enjoyed a couple of runs on Network West Midland which is a great set of routes and trains. It has also been interesting seeing the work on the Tyne Valley Extension progressing and look forward to seeing this route when completed.

After another round of slide scanning I have recently sent some more pictures up to my Photopic web pages, which you may be interested in having a browse through. You will find this at: http://billreid678.fotopic.net

Along with new sections, which you will easily recognise from the 'new' icons I have added a group or individual pictures to the locomotive Class sections. Hope you find something of interest.

On the 11th of July I am off to Portland, Oregon for a 10 day a break and along with meeting new friends and seeing new places I hope to find some railway pictures on my travels and perhaps will have some of interest to add to my photopic site.

Cheers to all.

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9 Jun 2005
Welcome back Bill - nice photos! On behalf of the staff I can only apologise for the e-mail problems that we have been experiencing of late. An official announcement was made here.
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