Bats and Newts Delay Evergreen 3

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by LNW-GW Joint, 16 Nov 2011.

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  1. LNW-GW Joint

    LNW-GW Joint Veteran Member

    22 Feb 2011
    Mold, Clwyd
    DfT have refused to approve Chiltern's TWA proposal for Evergreen 3 until there are better mitigation measures for endangered wildlife between Bicester and Oxford - bats in Wolvercot tunnel and great crested newts in two locations.

    However, it looks like the TWA order will be approved if Chiltern can agree an acceptable plan with Natural England.

    The Inspector's Report should be read as a case study for the much larger issues to be addressed with HS2!
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  3. YorkshireBear

    YorkshireBear Established Member

    23 Jul 2010
    Bats have affected our recent bridge repairs at KWVR with full enviroment agency approval requiring quite a lot of time and effort.
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