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  • Royal Oak, the loco that I am most involved with, is practically in the middle of a serious restoration. We are stripping the loco right down to the ground practically, so as to deal with the years of neglect and mistreatment. It appears that when the loco was 'done-up' for VSOE.. it wasn't. They just slapped on a few coats of paint (inside and out) and that was it. You would not believe the state of some of the interior areas.. Other than that, it's just general stuff like needle gunning, grinding, etc., etc. .. And of course the obligatory problem with 50s - water running down the inside of the windows and ruining the cab sides! It is planned that the loco should be rolled out near the end of July in original NSE colours. (Again, another very good thread in the Preservation and Heritage thread “Let’s Talk 50s” which I have contributed to in some detail!)
    Hi there jimmyowl1992!

    So, the PVR! The railway is currently in a very exciting time - a lot is going on! The extension to Plym Bridge is going very well: the platform at the halt is complete, track laying is going well and work on the short spur is continuing apace. (There is no room for a run-round loop, so this is the next best option!) It is hoped that trains will be running the full length of the line before the year is out.

    The DMU that has been resident for some considerable time has now departed to the GWR and is being used on the run from Toddington to Laverton. The basic plan is that in return for the loan they will give the DMU a complete restoration.. (There's an in depth thread about the current situation in the Preservation and Heritage section.)
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