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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
I took 08:39 Eurostar to Brussels from Waterloo and then at Brussels, I took the 13:10 Intercity (Ostend) to Bruge (Loco-Hauled :happy3: )
At Brugge I saw the Thalys Train, and that is the 1 train that goes to Ostend
On the way back, I took 11:31 Intercity back to Brussels (EMU), and I saw the ICE3 train, and TGV leaving Brussels Zuid
then I took the 14:56 L'Eurostar to Waterloo, at Nine Elms Flyover, we passed DVC 373 at 16:19
373208 "Micheal Hollard" stands at Waterloo International, it looks like that the train needs an urgent trip to the Carriage Washer

Locomotive 1344 pushes an Intercity Train out of Bruxelles Zuid (that is the train I took to Brugge)

Unit 412 is one of the many Units that operate the Suburban System around Brussels

This Unit is approaching Brugge having completed the Gent St.Petiers to Brugge Shuttle

A long line of Electric Locomotives Stabled outside Brugge Station, I seen these locos operating the Touristic Intercity Train/ Double Decker Train/ and Freight Services

The Driving Trailer of the Intercity Set stops at Brugge to work a fast service to the South calling at Gent St.Petiers,Bruxelles Zuid,Bruxelles Central ,etc (Apologies for Gigantic Photo)
Click Here to See Photo
Thalys Runs One Train a Day to Ostend,Brugge and Gent St.Petiers, Here it is at Brugge
Click Here to See Photo
The only Thalys train to run during the day to Ostend

This Unit operates one of the Intercity Services (this is the one I took to Brussels)

Thalys PBA sits at Brussels waiting to work the 12:55 train for Marne Le Valée

ICE3 at Brussels after having been prepared at the Siding is ready to work the Fast Train to Frankfurt HBF via Aachen,Koln HBF, etc

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8 Aug 2005
Ha Ha, what do you expect? The Belgians are hardly noted for their sense of style.

Good pics BTW.
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