BVE Routes & Trains...back from the dead (sort of)!

The Snap

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10 Jun 2005
Hi all,

As some of you may remember I used to run BVE Routes & Trains many years ago. I have moved on from BVE these days and don't play anymore. However, I have just been routing through my old files and have come across a folder containing all the downloads I used to host on the website...this is something I thought had been lost years ago!

The downloads I have found are as follows (all for BVE4 only):
Now, I have no interest whatsoever in developing these routes further and I take no responsibility for whether they work, kind of work, or don't work at all!

If anyone, whether it be developer or general player, wants copies of any of the above please let me know via DM on this forum. If you are a developer and want to host any of the above for others to download, again let me know.

I waive my right to Copyright on any of these so feel free to develop them further without my permissions. Note, some content is used with permission of other developers so their Copyright still stands.

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Taffy Cross

7 Nov 2012
Hi Snap,

This is very generous of you and I was fascinated to see my old LU Rails used in the Northern Heights route. So I have swapped them out and put the new set in their place, makes a difference instantly.

Bye for now,