Class 455's on Epsom Downs line

Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by Class455, 9 Jun 2017.

  1. Class455

    Class455 Member

    19 May 2016
    Hi all,
    I was wondering if there are any Class 455 diagrams left on the Epsom Downs branch. I have been seeing a lot more 10 car 377's on that line and barely any 455's. Although at the start of the year the ex 1P65 08:24 Caterham to London Victoria went on to Epsom Downs after that service, I wonder if all Epsom Downs diagrams are all 10 car 377's now. I also would've thought Epsom Downs branch would've been one of the last lines to get 10 car trains, considering as it's got some of the least used stations, notably Belmont.
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  3. 387star

    387star Established Member

    16 Nov 2009
    Talking of quiet stations with generous services /capacity Harlington in Bedfordshire seems to have an especially good service given its apparent size. .. enjoying trains at 2/3am somewhere like Chichester could only dream of!
  4. jopsuk

    jopsuk Veteran Member

    13 May 2008
    You're not looking at the whole thing though. The stations up the branch may be quiet, but the service is part of an intense service through Balham which needs the long trains. Much easier and more reliable to trundle the long train to Epsom Downs and back than have it (say) split at Sutton

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