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    By uploading an image to the POTW gallery you confirm that the image you have entered is your own intellectual property. You additionally give RailUK Forums the right to use the image you upload in a calendar which will be sold through the forum with any profits made being donated to charity. This right may not be withdrawn by you at a later date.

    • You should only upload one photo per competition
    • The photo submitted should be a photo taken by yourself.
    • Entrants must not vote for their own photo or reveal which photo is theirs *
    • Photographs entered must be in JPG format and be no larger than 1024x768.
    • Photographs should not contain a copyright stamp
    • No images should have objects added, moved or removed digitally. The only form of editing allowed is simple retouching (see below) *
    • All photos must be railway related
    • Once entered, you may not withdraw your photo from the competition, however photos may still be withdrawn if deemed necessary by forum staff
    Simple retouching includes cropping, contrast, brightness/saturation and sharpness

    * If the rules marked with an asterisk are broken the following procedure will apply: Your photo will be disqualified from the competition and you will be banned for the next competition.

    Specifically banned forms of editing (list not exhaustive): HDR, tone mapping

    If you have any questions, please contact me
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