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  • I have registered and am trying to send a private message to a member in response to a closed post in 2014. Am being told I do not have authorisation. I can see no contact point with an Administrator. Can you help?
    Happy birthday Jordy! It looks like we have the same birthday, although me 11 years later!
    25 today....and not looking a day older, so have an enjoyable birthday in the knowledge that you are still 45 years younger than me,
    Skype said you birthday is today, but since you're not on, Happy Birthday Jordy!
    Hello Jordy,

    Please let me join your automated announcements group.

    I have a large collection of automated announcements from British Rail days, particularly from the first-generation Ditra system installed at Charing Cross and Victoria, which I want to share.

    Hi Jordy,

    I was just wondering if you could authorise my request for group membership, or, if not, let me know you're not going to. No stress either way, just trying to get my hands on some automated announcement info for some research I'm doing.


    I don't read messages on this page frequently, if you want a response I'd suggest sending me a PM instead :)
    I added some photo's a few days ago and they are not shown.
    Please can you tell me why this is.
    The trainman
    As you're the only mod online, I was wondering what you would think about a RailUK IRC/Xat channel? Or is there one already?
    HI, are there any specific rules for the photo competitions regarding legality of photos? Although I have suggested, should I win the "Chance Shots" compo, that the next theme could be (signal)box interiors, I have quite a few shots I could enter that were not legally obtained. Would this matter? If so I won't enter them. I do, however, have legal shots of box interiors as well. Thanks.
    Hi Jordy - I have made a request to join a group and would be grateful if you would authorise my request.


    Jordy, As you may know I work at Toton, and have a photo of 67001 straight out of the paint shop in Arriva paint, no logos yet. I do not want my name anywhere near it, could I text the photo to you and you post it? I don't want any credit (in fact I must not be associated with it!)

    If you have a mobile number I could text it to you?


    Loco Fitter aka Smudger
    re Competition 534 :: Scotrail Livery i choese a competiton that as allready but done, can i change it.
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