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1 Nov 2010
Hi. I'm taking my bicycle from the southeast of England to the Scottish Highlands, to take in some gradients. Been dealing with a well-known online booking engine, whose staff have been very helpful...

However, they messed up the reservations a bit. This won't adversely affect me (I am covered for each of the six trains in my round trip), but in some cases I have as many as three seat reservations and two bike reservations for a particular train (I am one man, one bike). This concerns me a little: as some rural services only have space for two or three bikes, and I feel a bit greedy hogging space needlessly. It also means I have a quite ridiculous stack of 46 ticket vouchers (a pile just over half an inch thick) for my return journey!

Once on a train I can tell the guard what has happened, and s/he won't leave other cyclists out in the cold for fear of a lack of space (these are popular routes, and I'm travelling just as the tourist season gets going). But that won't always work when I hop on-board half-way through the route. Can I cancel any of these reservations?
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21 Dec 2007
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Yes, cycle reservations can be cancelled. I don't know if every station has the facility but certainly those major stations operated by EastCoast and ScotRail can.

But if you wish to do so out of consideration for other travellers, then it would be moe helpful to do that sooner rather than later, as its possible that others will be trying to book bike spaces during the popular holiday period, and may find that they cannot because of your prior but unwanted reservations.
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