Derailment at Plumstead?

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by Idiotic, 24 Nov 2011.

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  1. Idiotic

    Idiotic Member

    8 Sep 2011
    Hi all

    Just on the Charing X to Gillingham train. The drivers announced that there has been a derailment at Plumstead and we have been diverted via Eltham instead of Woolwich A. Anyone heard much on this?
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  3. Southern

    Southern Member

    19 Jun 2005
    Guessing you were on the 1339 ex-Charing Cross, shown as diverted Lewisham - Dartford with an addtional call at Eltham. Southeastern website is showing "train fault" which is showing as the reason for 8 other delays/cancellations. Broken down train also showing as cause of further disruption between Hither Green - Lee.
  4. blakey1152

    blakey1152 Member

    5 Sep 2011
    I must have just escaped it all!

    I was on the 1353 from Woolwich Arsenal towards Slade Green and the only delay was about a 3 minute wait at Plumstead (no announcement from the driver as to what the delay was)

    I did notice on the departure board at Woolwich Arsenal that there were a few delays and a couple of cancellations - including a Gillingham service.

  5. Class377/5

    Class377/5 Established Member

    19 Jun 2010
    Strangely I've just got a message on our system showing a track circuit problem on the down at Plumstead that happened around 1230. Trains were diverted via Bexleyheath as a result.

    There was a train trapped in sidings however.

    Seems driver got it wrong.
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