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  1. Mojo

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    7 Aug 2005
    When creating a new thread, please have a look through all the different forums and sub-forums (where applicable) and ensure you place it in the correct forum.

    There have been a number of threads of late which have been placed incorrectly (eg: foreign matters in the NR forum). In addition, if your post is fictional or humour, please put it in the General Discussion forum, even if it is railway-related, or covers an area covered by one of our other forums.

    If you need any help deciding where to place your thread, please contact a member of staff by Instant Messenger or PM, additionally, I'm sure some of our more experienced members would be willing to help you too ;)

    When moving threads, we will sometimes leave a temporary redirect so it is easy to find, but, if one is not left, or it has expired, use the search tool at the top.

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