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Films you've seen/film discussion

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12 Oct 2009
Went to see Greta today .... an excellent Neil Jordan Thriller with a few "jump out of year seat moments"

Highly recommended !!!

Did any of the characters' skin colour, gender or sexual orientation offend your sensibilities?
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C J Snarzell

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11 Apr 2019
During the lockdown, I've been getting into film nights and I've watched a few gems in the last few weeks.

I watched Harry Brown two nights ago and I forgot what a great film this was. Michael Caine has to be one of England's finest actors. There is something a little chilling about him in this just like he was in Get Carter.

When watching Harry Brown I couldn't help but compare him to Jack Carter and wonder whether or not these two men could in fact be the same character but from different eras 40 years apart.

Jack Carter was a true villain who would kill you in cold blood when your back was turned and smirk about it afterwards. Harry Brown was the aging old soldier who could gut you in the blink of an eye.

You would cross the street to chat to Harry Brown and enjoy a pint with him - you would literally walk the other way if you saw Jack Carter.

Both men have a moral sense of justice in removing the insects infecting their manors. Both suffer a bereavement (brother in Get Carter & wife and friend in HB). There was clearly more compassion with HB in saving the young female drug addict and the two cops but then again JC showed compassion towards his niece to ensure she had a better life.

The question is which one of these men would have the edge if they ever fought a battle?

Any thoughts on who is the hardest?

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