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Gen Sources Resource thread

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25 Jun 2005
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I've decided to create this thread, because I've had a couple of people complaining that I post updates. Examples of this can be found below

Example thread 1
Example thread 2

For the benefit of those who would like to find more times and allocations etc. so updates mean more to them. I'm creating this thread as a gen source resource :) So no more moaning when I post updates on time I got from these groups! I'll get the ball rolling :)

47 - Gen Good group before the spambots got it :-<
60 - Gen Might get some fleet lists for Class 60s. Very good for updates and you learn the codes + workings quickly. 10/10
Anglia - Gen Friendly gen group with lots of times for the GEML+ region. 10/10
Blue Pullman Gen Times + disc for the Blue Pullman
Brush - 47 Last time I had a look, somebody posted all the 47 movements daily, very useful group. 10/10
DRS -GEN Great group for finding out which locos are on which workings. DRS only have a handful of workings so its very useful. 10/10
Freightmaster You can get exclusive TOPS fleet lists from Freightmaster's forum for a low, reasonable price.
Rail - Gen Very good group for times and updates. 11/10
Railtour Network Great group for times + allox for railtours. 10/10
SouthEast - Gen Fantastic group for finding out workings over NSE territory. I post gen there regularly. 10/10
South West Trains Good discussion group for SWT 10/10
SWRG Personally don't use it but I hear good things about it.
UK-Rail Haven't looked in for a while but last time there were loads of fleet lists + allox and times and light discussion. 11/10
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30 Jun 2005
Class87Gen Exactly what the name suggests. Gen about class 87s although its a bit quiet at the moment
Virgin-Trains Info about Virgin Trains working including class 90 and HST vices
u-k-rail A similar group to uk-rail
Chris Instone A good website for railtour times, ecs's and test trains Site no longer provides gen
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