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MKT: Two Ireland Trips: Dublin and Belfast

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MK Tom

Established Member
31 Aug 2011
Milton Keynes
I made two trips to Ireland last week, one to the south, one to the north.

The first trip, on Saturday 7th, visited Dublin and Howth, flying out from Luton and back to Birmingham. Rail photos start with the trams at the bottom of page 1, followed by an extended stop at Connolly station including the departure of the Enterprise, then the DART ride to Howth and back, and lastly a couple of shots back at Birmingham.

Full gallery here: https://mkttransportphoto.smugmug.com/2016/May-2016/Dublin-Howth-7th-May-2016/i-fzf3Mbh

The second trip, on Wednesday 11th, visited Belfast, Lisburn and Portadown. This included rides on all three of the traction types available on Northern Ireland Railways: Class 4000 from Great Victoria Street to Lisburn, Class 3000 from there to Portadown, and finally the Enterprise back to Belfast Central.

Full gallery here: https://mkttransportphoto.smugmug.com/2016/May-2016/Northern-Ireland-11th-May-2016/

Those of you with an interest in aviation, I also filmed some of my flight home from Dublin to Birmingham, which is here: https://youtu.be/MtBMqCmTug8

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