Peterborough [PBO] - Stansted Apt [SSD] XC Sunday

Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by warriorofrovac, 10 May 2015.

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  1. warriorofrovac

    warriorofrovac Member

    23 Feb 2006
    I was looking at flights out of Stansted Airport in November which are a decent price, the only problem is that it is on a Sunday.

    I live in Peterborough, so I consulted the XC timetable and noticed that the first direct train from Peterborough doesn't get into Stansted until 13:45

    Considering this is a train connecting to an international airport, this seems incredibly late in the day. Does anyone know in particular why this is?

    There are earlier trains but they all seem to start from Cambridge - are these simply just positioning services?
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  3. Trainfan344

    Trainfan344 Established Member

    13 Oct 2012
    I've no idea. But for future reference, you couldn't be so kind as to put the station names in the title? Not everyone understands station codes!
  4. 455driver

    455driver On Moderation

    10 May 2010
    Because there is very little passenger traffic early on a Sunday morning (when was the last time you wanted to use a train on a Sunday morning?).

    Because of this it is also traditionally the time when medium sized engineering jobs are carried out (Saturday night/ Sunday morning) and so they don't run trains as they would just be carting fresh air around.
  5. ST156

    ST156 Member

    10 May 2014
    The earlier services are mostly positioning as far as I'm aware. The XC sets are held at Cambridge overnight so the first services start from Cambridge and head to the airport to form the first few services through to Birmingham.

    The 13:18 from Peterborough is the first direct service, arriving at the airport at 14:44

    If you're still looking to get to Stansted earlier I would recommend travelling to Kings Cross/Finsbury Park on one of the early morning GN services, then taking the Victoria Line to Tottenham Hale & a Stansted express service from there to the airport.

    Hope that helps :)
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  6. CockneySparrow

    CockneySparrow Established Member

    14 Aug 2012
    If it is any help I believe that there is a direct bus from Hitchin much earlier than the first service from Cambridge, when I say early I mean 5am from Hitchin

    Not sure who runs the service though but sure you can find out online
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