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7 Aug 2005
Guidance for those asking for advice

Many members will try to assist you, but please bear in mind the following:

  • We need to know all relevant facts in order to assist you, including, for example:
    • The stations where you started & finished your journey;
    • The stations where you changed trains (if applicable);
    • If you presented a ticket(s), the information stated under "Ticket type", "From", "To", "Route", and any other relevant details;
    • What happened in any encounter with railway staff;
    • The details of any paperwork with which you were issued.
  • Be careful not to post anything incriminating or personally identifying
  • We need to know what outcome(s) you would consider satisfactory
You may find our Disputes section of our RailUK Fares & Ticketing Guide helpful.

The forum cannot be held liable for any advice given by any forum member, and none of the advice given on this forum can be considered legal advice. If you are threatened with prosecution you may wish to seek the advice of a solicitor.

In addition, please avoid using three letter codes in thread titles or where you haven't mentioned the station before. Their use is acceptable for follow-ups where you use the correct CRS code (eg: BNS is Barnes, BHM is Birmingham New Street; LLS is neither Liverpool Lime Street [LIV], nor London Liverpool Street [LST], but Llanishen).

Please note: by posting on the forum you are bound by our Forum Rules and you agree that the posts you make cannot be removed except at our discretion, this is a term of registration that you must agree to when creating your account.
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18 Dec 2009
Guidance for those giving advice

The purpose of the Disputes and Prosecutions forum is to provide advice for anyone who has encountered difficulties during or after their rail journey.

Regardless of whether the person in question admits their guilt, or believes that they are completely innocent, everyone who seeks help is entitled to receive advice. We would usually expect these 4 aims to be addressed in a disputes thread:

1. Establish the facts of the case
2. Ensure the correct process was followed by the rail official dealing with the issue
3. Check the OP understands what has happened
4. Explain the options available to resolve the matter to the OP

For the benefit of the OP we will not permit off topic discussion, any such posts are likely to be deleted. For instance a debate about whether current rail industry practice could be improved, or about the complex nature of the railway ticketing system is not helpful to the OP. The Disputes section of the RailUK Fares & Ticketing Guide covers current practice; should you wish to discuss such practices or your ideas for changes to them, you must post this in a separate thread in the appropriate forum.

If you spot any problem in a particular thread, please report relevant post(s) to us using the report button (
) rather than calling for moderator action in public. Due to the sheer number of posts on this forum, we are unable to review every single thread therefore unless reported to us, we may not notice every request made in this manner.
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