Rail Sail - London - Belfast Is Glasgow Route Tiresome?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning & Reports' started by Christoph, 29 Apr 2015.

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  1. Christoph

    Christoph New Member

    29 Apr 2015
    I usually travel - London - Holyhead - Dublin - Belfast.
    But wish to try London - Belfast Via Scotland.
    Is this a stressing route or quite relaxing.

    I see there is a change required from Glasgow - is this well sign posted for the changes en route?

    As I state it is just an enquiry as it may well make a change form the Holyhead Journey.

    Also Liverpool may be of interest if anyone could enlighten me.

    Has anyone tried the above or like myself do London - Holyhead?
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  3. Hadders

    Hadders Established Member

    27 Apr 2011
    I've done all the Rail and Sail routes between London and Belfast.

    via Holyhead has decent connections, the Irish Rail Enterprise service is ok too and takes you to the centre of Belfast.

    via Cairnryan - now involves taking a coach between Ayr and Cairnryan - teh coach leaves from the station forecourt and is well signposted. A good option option of you get the sleeper to Glasgow and continue on the following day. Unfortunately the sleeper arrival doesn't meet the minimum connection time for the 0730 departure to Ayr although in reality if the sleeper is on time you will get it easily.

    via Liverpool - the ferry takes 8 hours so I'd only do it overnight (a berth which is from £55 iirc unless you really want to slum it). More comfortable than the sleeper train and it gives you an early arrival in Belfast. It isn't possible to get a berth reservation via a station, you either have to take your chances on the day or purchase via telesales which isn't advertised or easy to so (although I did manage to do it).

    The Liverpool and Cairnryan ferries both go to Belfast docks which is a short ride from the city centre, costing around £10 in a taxi.
  4. CallySleeper

    CallySleeper Established Member

    27 Jun 2006
    Via Glasgow is pretty straightforward - a direct train to Glasgow Central, then a fast ScotRail train from p12-15 usually to Ayr, every half hour takes 50 mins. Then a direct coach from outside the main station entrance (it's pretty obvious!) takes 70 minutes on a good run down to the boat. So in terms of changes it's not hard at all, it just takes a while. There's only three coach trips each way to connect with three boats (at 11.30 15.30 and 19.30). The boat takes two and a quarter hours. So to connect with the 19.30 in the past I've had to be on the 16.00 from Glasgow Central. Working backwards I think that means leaving Euston on the 10.30? So all in all it's just a long day but fine, especially if you don't mind Euston - Glasgow on a 390!
  5. bkhtele

    bkhtele Member

    28 Nov 2009
    Yes Cairnryan is a good option. Return ticket is best as it is an anytime return, flexible ticket. Buying the ticket at London Euston is easy as they sell it a lot & will make the reservations you want.

    Agree sleeper is a lovely option drinking an Ale & enjoying cheeseboard in the lounge car is very pleasant pulling out of Euston.
    Alternatively travelling daytime is a great option especially through the Lake. I usually take an earlier train a take a walk around Glasgow. The Ayr coach ride is lovely during the day, great views.

    Liverpool is fine but with a very early arrival in Belfast. You can get on the ferry quite early and have a meal

    Finally try Rosslare some time plus advance ticket to Dublin & Belfast ( competively priced). Lovely run up East coast of Ireland & beautiful inland scenery. Can stop and enjoy Dublin for a couple of hours. Be worth paying for a berth for a comfortable few hours sleep.
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