1. This is the last week to take part in the survey commissioned by Network Rail in conjunction with Middlesex University on the subject of suicide prevention on the railways - and as it's such an important topic (and a very well constructed survey) we wanted to give this particular survey a bit more visibility. You can find out more and take part in the survey if you wish by taking a look at this thread - deadline is 16th September.
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    1. optimusdrew
      Hi, Thanks for replying to my query.

      Would you be able to elaborate on this?

      "The best value ticket is an annual season ticket. If this is too much outlay in one go then purchase odd period monthly tickets so it starts on a Monday and finishes on a Friday."

      I understand what annual tickets are, and you can get monthly season tickets... but what do you mean by Odd period Monthly tickets?

      Apologies if it's just me being dim but not quite sure what you mean
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