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  1. Treadstone

    Treadstone Member

    20 Feb 2015
    Any truth to this from money advice service.


    right to time off to look for work

    You’re entitled to paid time off to look for work or undergo training. The amount of time you can take has to be reasonable.

    If you’ve worked continuously for your employer for at least two years they have to pay you up to 40% of a week’s pay to cover your time off.

    For example, if you work a five-day week you can take two days off in total to attend interviews and your employer will have to pay you for this time. If you take any more time off than this, they don’t have to pay you for it.

    Some employers are more generous so it’s worth discussing it with them.

    Just that I have an assesment with a toc but have had my leave request of two days rejected, I have given ten days notice, I work in a retail distribution centre on a 5/7 shift pattern that operates 24/7.

    Not seen any posts on here regarding lack of time off for assessments, but think I would need extra days off anyway for assesment two and maybe line manager and medical if I get that far, :(
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    Seems like the two days is only for those facing redundancy, any advice here:|
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  3. Seaza

    Seaza Member

    4 Apr 2015
    DMOS A or B
    From what I am aware the time off you are regarding to is just those facing redundancy, it's a reasonable adjustment during the notice period.
  4. plastictaffy

    plastictaffy Established Member

    18 Nov 2012
    Unfortunately, Maps has stopped.
    Take the day off anyway. As long as your attendance is on the whole good, what's the worst that can happen??
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    It certainly is - I've had it myself. My boss was very good and gave me four days off to do my forklift licence.
  5. 185

    185 Established Member

    29 Aug 2010
    In the chippy
    Gone are the days where good sickness records count for anything sadly. Come into work 7 minutes late after your bike gets a flat tyre, well thats a serious disciplinary matter... but for those who want a day in the back garden by the BBQ as sick.... no problems!

    For an employer refusing leave for those who don't or rarely go sick, stuff them - I'd go sick at the drop of a hat for a job I wanted to go for. :)
  6. HilversumNS

    HilversumNS Member

    30 Apr 2015
    Surely your current employer isn't under any moral or legal obligation to support your search for work elsewhere?

    Can you do some shift swapping with colleagues that ensure your employer isn't inconvenienced?

    As an IT contractor, I'm always pleasantly surprised at the flexability I get to look for a new contract, although I do always ensure that it doesn't interfere with my current role and of course I don't get paid for the time I'm not working.
  7. pdbaggett

    pdbaggett Member

    9 Feb 2015
    Ring in sick. Same happened to me gave 2 months notice for holidays for an assesment day got rejected and i quote "someone might not be back from sickness by then" it was a retail job also don mention it again and ring in sick not worth the hassel of it all.
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