Road Fund Licence Refund Scam

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Old Timer, 22 Dec 2009.

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  1. Old Timer

    Old Timer Established Member

    24 Aug 2009
    On a plane somewhere at 35,000
    Yet another cynical Government scam comes to light.

    This concerns the refund of the unexpired portion of the Road Fund Licence.

    OT has been changing cars just recently, ans in line with previous practice the plan was to do this towards the end of the month so that the new car tax Licence (RFL) would start in Dec and the old car would be traded in at the end of Nov, with the RFL returned for refund.

    The scheme however has been altered in a most cynical way.

    The RFL will only be refunded when the change of ownership has been registered, and will also not cover the period in which the RFL has not been used relative to that.

    By way of actual example.

    OT trades his vehicle at the car dealer and sends off his portion of the registration document. He also sends off the RFL for refund for the period Dec to August. This is done in the last two weeks of Nov.

    Replacement car is available from 1st Dec with RFL starting then.

    DVLA however will only refund full months after the registration details have been changed. So in this case, as details were not changed until after Dec 1, despite being sent in November, the RFL refund will only run from Jan to Aug, thus depriving the whole month of December when the vehicle was not only out of my ownership but will have since been re-taxed by the new owners.

    I have therefore paid for an extra month when I did not even have the car, as well as for the RFL on the new car. <(<(<(<(

    Absolutely disgraceful, and a cynical way of taking more money as this will apply to any vehicle change now towards the end of the month unless you are prepared to do without a vehicle for several weeks.
  2. 4SRKT

    4SRKT Established Member

    9 Jan 2009
    I assume you're not surprised that the government is populated by utterly cynical cheats?
  3. Geezertronic

    Geezertronic Established Member

    14 Apr 2009
    I would be on the outlook for more of these since the Government needs to top up the coffers some how :|
  4. gordonthemoron

    gordonthemoron Established Member

    4 Sep 2006
    Milton Keynes
    next thing, they'll be charging for going through passport control
  5. devon_metro

    devon_metro Established Member

    11 Oct 2005
    Or taxing you to withdraw money or any other transactions...
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