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scAeroplane Crash Lands

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7 Aug 2005
BBCNews said:
A freight plane has made an emergency crash landing at Birmingham International Airport after developing problems with its undercarriage.

The Boeing 737-300 landed on the main runway and collapsed on to its side. The two crew members were unhurt.

The TNT plane was travelling from Liege in Belgium to Stansted Airport, when it was diverted to Birmingham.

The plane is unlikely to be moved until Thursday evening, and flights have been severely disrupted.

No flights are able to land at the airport as the freight plane remains on its side at the end of the runway.

All departing flights were cancelled for five hours but the majority of out bound planes are now able to take off using a shortened stretch of the runway.

However passengers are still being advised to turn up to check in.

Services into the airport have been diverted to Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Coventry Airport, Bournemouth, Bristol and Manchester, with some passengers being taken by bus to and from those airports.

Buses provided

A total of 79 flights, both departures and arrivals, were cancelled in the first three hours following the emergency landing just after 0600 BST on Thursday.

Airport spokesman John Morris said: "For those going on holiday further afield they will be put on coaches to be taken further away.

"The message is please do check in as normal but do expect comprehensive delays."

A section of the main runway had been opened to provide a limited service for airlines using smaller aircraft, and other airlines would be making alternative arrangements for passengers, he said.

TNT Express said the freight plane was "fully compliant" with all airworthiness checks and certificates, was up-to-date with its maintenance schedule, and the pilot was very experienced with the type of aircraft.

A team from the Air Accident Investigation Board has arrived at the scene.

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